Dinner at Musical Offering – 4 October 2018

We originally wanted to have dinner at Zellerbach’s before the concert there, but it seemed quite dicey, since the people taking reservations seemed not really to know anything about the dining situation. D called Musical Offering and made reservation there. We treated R&E to dinner – which we usually do, but it’s usually baguette and cheese at home. But this time, I was coming from I-House and the second Hitchcock lecture, which let out about 5:30, and the concert had an early start at 7pm. Dinner in between would require that we eat near campus, as I could not make it home, eat, and make it back to campus by 7. Which was fine – we had a really nice dinner at Musical Offering, and I also saw my former colleagues M&J there, and said hi during the concert intermission. Dinner: There were three …offerings… and we hit all three: D&R had a lamb shank with other good stuff, E had a crispy duck, and I chose the whitefish. The menu items read as follows (each $23.75 – gasp!):

  • Seared Wild (Local) White Bass: White wine poached fennel, baby kale, patatas bravas, picada
  • Braised Lamb Shank: Escalivada and goat cheese gratin
  • Crispy Skin Duck Breast: Braised white beans and garbanzo, Mediterranean vinaigrette

The fish seemed slightly overcooked, but basically a very good meal. the baby kale didn’t particularly seem like kale – a substitute, perhaps? Didn’t taste like spinach, either, but was that kind of delicate. Those who traded tastes agreed that E’s was the best of the entrees. Escalivada turned out to be eggplant in some mushy sort of way, and R of course gave his away. He started to give it to E but she pointed out that I would like it more. It was nothing special, in fact.

We weren’t sure whose baguette we were eating, but think it was not Acme. The three others had good red-wine dishes, and I was going to go along with that, but D said why not order a glass of chardonnay to go with the fish. So I had some sips of the Pinot Noir (Pra Vinera 2016) and then the white when dinner came. The Pinot was the better wine – and the chard didn’t taste like a chard. E thought she heard the waitperson say “here’s your sauvignon blanc” and it could have been to tell the truth. It was ok. The two whites on the menu are William Hill Chardonnay and Tangent Sauvignon Blanc, both 2016. The glass of white (and indeed, any glass) was $8.25 and the Pinot was $34, the other wines priced at  $32 for the bottle.

This is highly unusual, but the desserts were the best part of the meal. the other three chose the Creme Catalana with mixed fresh berries. It was torched over the top to crisp it. Delicious! Since they chose that, I considered the Tres Leches (also with mixed, fresh berries) and was convinced when the server said it was soaked in condensed milk. Sounded great, and it really was. I loved it, and was very happy with my choice.


For lunch, D made a salad to use up the few remaining shell beans (the ones with rather slender, white/cream colored pods from Dirty Girl Produce), and it was a really delicious salad. I washed up a few leaves from the monster head of lettuce we got back aways from Blue Heron. He did the rest, including making a dressing that was really excellent, using the new balsamic vinegar (tiny bottle) that he chose recently. Tomatoes from Dirty Girl, cucumber from Woodleaf/Peach Jamboree. I think there are some tiny scallions in there, too D also cooked some Peach Jamboree shishitos in olive oil (salted and peppered), and that was lunch. We must have defrosted a slice of bread to sop up the dressing, too… (completing this the 7th).

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