Flatiron steak; panzanella with tomatoes – 6 October 2018

I looked at my list of “what do cook before we lose tomato season” and was reminded of panzanella, so we decided to have that. It’s an excellent accompaniment for meats, so I suggested we defrost the second flatiron steak that we got from Prather Ranch the last time we were at the Grand Lake market, in early September. I defrosted that by removing it from its wrapper into the wide, flat Pyrex container, which it fit perfectly, and putting it into the fridge. Turns out it would probably have been better to defrost it a bit in the microwave, since I took it out before lunch and it was still pretty icy by 6:30. So I gave it two zaps at autodefrost/0.5lb, flipping it between, and that was enough. D put myriad things over it – some garlic, some shallots, salt and pepper – and left it at room temperature till he grilled it – probably on high, for about 6 minutes. Some of the items didn’t stick, and he put them onto the Up side after flipping the steak.

He made the panzanella somewhat according to a recipe here, in particular using the ratio of tomatoes (6.5 oz) to salt (1/3 tsp) when draining the tomatoes of their juice. He used, by his estimate, less olive oil than salt, and less red wine vinegar than olive oil (doubtless about 1:4 or 1:3). He used something like 1 Tbsp (2?) of chopped shallots, and about 6 x 1″ to 1 1/2″ baguette slices from our dried bread stash, which he cut up with his new (old!) cleaver. He tossed everything together about 20 – 30 minutes before dinner, so the bread got somewhat softened by the dressing but not squishy. It worked really well, and was a delicious salad.

We had the wine we had planned on, that D found at Wine Mine last week – a $30 import from Eric Stauffenegger (bought untasted b/c we generally like his wines a lot). We didn’t think it was worth the $30, unfortunately. mostly b/c it didn’t open up in the hour it was opened before dinner, even with 5 pourings back and forth. Label says “Chateau Haut-Goujon” and “Famille Henri Garde,” and calls the wine “Lalande Pomerol 2014.” It won a Medaille d’Or, so it was a good bet. I wonder if it should just have been opened a lot earlier.


We ate up the last of the sorrel and leek soup (which really was more of a potato soup this time) with some uncooked sorrel added to the warming soup just before it was done, and also more over the top at serving time, and also chives. D defrosted a couple of slices from the frozen Acme Sweet Batard, and I sliced up the last four tiny figs from Peach Jamboree/Woodleaf.


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