Pacific Snapper (aka Rock Cod) with salsa and rice – 11 October 2018

Also called “[fish] Veracruz. D made a wonderful version of it tonight! He bought just .355 lb of snapper at the Bowl (one filet) but it was plenty for the two of us. I pulled out the five pones with my handy-dandy needle-nozed pliers I bought as a dedicated kitchen tool, and rinsed and patted dry the fish. D did the rest. Oh, I also started the Thai Jasmine rice cooking (rice:water 1:2) and then went to the showers. D reports that he salted and peppered the fish, and also put cayenne on both sides of the filet – perhaps 2 tsp?! I could feel it in my throat, so it certainly had vaporized or aerosolized or something. Anyway.. he cooked a frozen (why? it was in the fridge door!) red onion in olive oil, and then cooked the fish in the same oil for a bit, added the salsa, and that was it. It was really delicious this time! I mean, it’s always good, but it seemed especially so tonight.

D bought an Acme Sweet Baguette at the Bowl (along with many other things, obviously including the fish) and we had that, and he had also planned out the leftover wines for this. We had the Basu from last night with the fish, and then the 11 Pinos and the Protocolo, 1/4 bottle each, with late-fish or after-fish. A really yummy dinner.


I suggested we use up the rest of the salad-greens bag that E&R had given us, since it was showing signs of decay, and I picked over the leaves and washed them. D added tomatoes and a lovely V&O dressing – IIRC from lunchtime, it contained balsamic this time. This was along with the remainder of the hyacinth bean soup from Sunday night. I heated up the soup, and played chicken with the bowls – it just fit, with some crowning, into the little cup-like bowls we got topping some olive oils eons ago at Country Cheese on San Pablo. There were six variants, of which we still have five in usable condition, and I think somewhere I still have another set of six somewhere unused. LOL! They’re really cute, and we do use them a lot. I found some neglected single-piece bags of bread in the freezer, and two of them were good – the other we sent to the industrial compost, unfortunately.

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