Gazpacho; Kanaal cheese – 13 October 2018

I said, “It’s been so cold this tomato season we haven’t even made gazpacho!” D says, “Ok, let’s make it tonight.” We were trying to figure out how to use the Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girls we still have from last Tuesday – lots of possibilities – and even though it is not terribly warm, we decided to go ahead and make this soup. It was scrumptious, as usual. The recipe is here. It’s from The Victory Garden Cookbook, one of the great “how to do everything” must-have of cookbooks. Offered some to R&E, who will take us up on it tomorrow, as they have “a full dinner planned” for tonight.

I took out the Kanaal cheese to let it warm up, and used the planer to cut thin slabs of it for us for dinner. D did the shopping before lunch, and bought an Acme Sweet Batard, which served us well for both lunch (toast) and dinner. He also bought a Beaujolais, which he had wanted to have with the soup. He says it was the only Gamay at the Bowl – LOL! Domaine de Colette Beaujolais-Villages 2017. Can’t say I was excited about it, but it was perfectly good.


D pointed out the other day that a good way to use up the last of the La Cascada Salsa Fresca would be in an omelette – especially b/c we had a good avocado, and could make my personal favorite omelette, with Monterey Jack grated on the inside, topped with the salsa, folded over, and then topped with (uncooked) avocado slices. I cooked mine and D cooked his (very different in style), and I made all the toast – which I kept warm in the toaster oven b/c I was warming my thick little plate to keep the omelette from cooling too quickly. I do love this omelette! Isn’t it pretty? 🙂 Added the last of the salsa at the end – even prettier!



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