Orange roughy with original sauce; rice recooked with mushrooms and onions; radish greens – 16 October 2018

D suggested, since I was going to the Bowl and we had no specific plans (except using leftover rice) that we could have fish of some kind. This is odd, b/c he is not a big fan of fish, b/c he does not like fishy smell. I got a fish that didn’t smell like on, and he really liked it 🙂 I said at the fish counter that I wanted to try something different, and was directed to orange roughy; another member  of the team said to cook it in a pan, with butter and lemon and garlic. OK! So, I bought one fillet, just under half a pound, and rinsed it and patted it dry with a paper towel, and looked (felt) for bones. Fish guy said there would not be pin bones, but possibly one or two large ones – but there weren’t. I left the fillet in the fridge on a plastic cutting board, enclosed in a plastic bag (reused, washed after). D cut the fish in half so he could cook it in the medium cast-iron pan. This is what he said about how he cooked it:

Melted butter in med cast iron pan. Put paprika, salt and pepper on the fish. Cooked the fish in butter. Turned over put more paprika S&P on the other side. About this time (3-4 minutes?) added lemon juice to the fish. “It asked for some Vermouth, and that was good. I threw parsley all around, and then it looked like sauce.” He took out the fish and put on plates.  “We got some cream! Wow!” So he added some cream to the sauce. It was fabulous!! He served the sauce next to the fish rather than on it, and the sauce went well with the rice, too – with everything, says D, but I didn’t eat it with the radish greens – not enough to spare!.

To update the leftover rice, D cooked chopped red onion (b/c it was there) and white mushrooms (from Maryland) that I got at the Bowl, in olive oil, and then added the cooked Thai-jaz to reheat it. That was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. At the farmers’ market (Dirty Girl booth?) D found some lovely radishes with greens in perfect condition, and I washed those up (double-washed), and then boiled 3.5 minutes or so in salted water, then pressed dry in the strainer, returned to the pan with a pat of butter, teased the greens back apart (no mean feat), salted and peppered them, and served. They were really good. I also defrosted one slice of the Acme Sweet Batard for sopping bread.

So, all in all, a great dinner!

D put a 2016 Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio in the fridge, from the 6 I got at Costco – all they had – yesterday. It was a good choice – great to have it again! I would have bought a case if they’d had more.


We spent the late morning at the Magritte exhibit at MOMA, and we were both pleasantly surprised that we liked it much more than we expected to. We knew we’d be intrigued and interested, but I think our appreciation level was significantly raised – which is to say, a well-executed exhibit. After seeing that part of MOMA, we popped over to Cafe Madeleine for lunch, b/c we had liked it so much on our previous visit. I suggested, and D agreed, that we order the sandwich we had liked a lot last time – a grilled tuna with capers ‘n’ stuff – and also order something new. I was taken by the special of the day, which said pears, Saint Andre, and some candied walnut spread, but there were no pears.

Apples instead – did we want? D said sure and I went along. Turned out to be terrific! I just loved the sandwich, especially the walnut spread, which tied it all together marvelously. Then D, amazingly, suggested we have dessert. I told him he should go choose it, and he picked a Rocky Road Bar (or something like that) which was perfectly sumptuous.

It was a most excellent lunch, and we will be back again. However: Pizzeria Delfina is opening in the neighborhood, so that will compete seriously for our attention!



I was too lazy to go to the Bowl late yesterday to get one banana, and then realized that was ok b/c I could have a fried egg and Sweet Batard toast instead of Grape Nuts (which require the banana) and pick an apple off the tree to have alongside the egg. So I did. What fabulous apples this tree makes! I once tried to find their like among the many, many varieties sold at the Bowl, but they were not there.

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