Personal pizza with zucchini, feta, cilantro, and lime juice; salad with fresh pear and pecans – 23 October 2018

Had this cilantro left over from the tagine; when at the Saturday market, I noticed a very pretty little zucchini and suddenly remembered I also had a bunch of Greek feta in the fridge that wanted eating, and the three came together as a pizza. I sliced some white onion thin, put grated mozzarella over that (maybe 2oz?) topped with sliced zucchini – not the whole thing, so I have a bit to use up – and crumbled feta. Cooked the usual way – prebake crust 1.5 min, top, bake about 5  at 500 – then scattered chopped cilantro leaves over the top and added juice of ¾ of a dead-looking lime that I begged from E – she said it had been in the fridge a log time but if I wanted it I could have it. That was perfect – I was asking for stuff that was going unused – anyway, it was dry on the cut edges but taking those off (no mean feat) let me get some good juice out of it, which was just enough for my delicious personal pizza 😊 This is based on a Cheese Board recipe idea, but that has corn in it, too.

I also had a pear that wanted using. In fact, it had a bad spot in it. There was still quite a lot of pear when I cut that out, but I used it all. I tore up a few leaves from my tiny lettuce from Blue Heron, and also broke up pecans over the top. Made a dressing of olive oil, fig balsamic vinegar, S&P. It was really good. Before dinner, I cooked myself up a batch of shishitos (in olive oil with salt and pepper) as an appetizer.

I had the rest of the McIlroy 2014 Chardonnay with this – this was in my mind when I opened a white the other day anyway.


I defrosted two slices from my Morell’s Country Batard, topped with Chandoka cheese from the Bowl’s tasting, and added mayonnaise and a very thin slicing of white onion, and cooked in butter in the medium case-iron pan. I decided on a pickle-tasting – one of E’s, the little darker one, of which we had three so that worked (one left for each of us), and one from Clausen. Both excellent, and impressively similar. I took a couple bites before taking the photo. I also had some more of the grey/purple cherry tomatoes, and the strawberries, from Golden Rule Farm – the strawberries drew me in b/c I could smell them as I passed the booth.

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