Sausages and grapes; broccoli; shishitos – 24 October 2018

I had a lot of the nice red seedless grapes D bought before leaving – Scarlett something – Scarlet Royal? and decided to use 1/3 pound of them in a favorite fall recipe, Sausages and Grapes, from Gourmet (R.I.P.), now on epicurious. Here’s the original photo, with steam – it’s kinda good that way, too.

One Berkeley Bowl sweet Italian sausage, cooked about 8 minutes on each side in a small amount of olive oil, washed and dried grapes added and skoodged around for another 12 minutes of cooking (this took longer b/c I goofed and lowered the temperature too much), then 1 tsp fig and balsamic vinegar added and tossed around. Delicious!


I steamed the broccoli and tossed in butter, S&P, and cooked the shishitos in olive oil with salt, as usual. Yummy dinner! Also, easy to cook one portion.




I had three slices of my Morell’s Country Batard in the freezer, and decided to defrost one in the toaster oven for this meal. Good choice! And two left for a sandwich.

I went to the cellar hoping to find a Protocolo, but didn’t. I ran across several of the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso (Villa Locatelli) from Wine Mine ($17) and brought one up, and it went very well with this dish. I was happy with the choice.


I made a sandwich using one of the baguette pieces in the fridge – I think it’s an Acme sweet – and Monterey Jack, so as to use up the half avocado I had left. Finished with a leaf from the teeny lettuce I bought Tuesday from Blue Heron, and mayonnaise. The avocado didn’t all fit, but eating a plain slice of avocado is not a problem 😊 I also cut up four small tomatoes from Dirty Girl Produce at Tuesday’s market – three so small I just halved them – and cooked up some shishitos from Peach Jamboree (lots to use, E having declined my offer). I split the top of the baguette in a few places, b/c the tough crust is hard to bite through, and avocados tend to get mooshed out the other side. It wasn’t a bad idea.

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