Pumpkin Bolani with eggplant pesto – 25 October 2018

I was cleaning and stuff till almost time to pick up D – after a significant chance he would miss his connecting flight and be home 3 ½ hours later than expected, due to Mike Pence arriving at his departure airport and delaying D’s departing flight by an hour. If that had happened, I would have had dinner at a normal time and gotten back to cleaning. But I ended up not having dinner till after I’d picked him up at BART about 9pm. LOL! So I ate, he looked at a pile of uninteresting mail and the news of the day he didn’t see while Disconnected, and then he unloaded all the Drama stories from his trip.

Ah, dinner: I just heated the Bolani (“East &  West Gourmet Food”) in the toaster oven at 400 for a few minutes – after plating it and taking a bite, I realized it was not hot enough for me, and put it back on the toaster oven tray for another couple minutes. Eggplant pesto right out of the its jar onto the plate. This is why I decided this would be a good day to use up the other half of the package of the Bolani I bought on a whim on Saturday at the farmers’ market. Also, it’s my favorite combination 😊

I asked D if he wanted a glass of wine, and he said no, so I just opened the quarter-bottle of Jacques d’Albas Minervois that we had left from some night or other before his trip. It was ok, but had suffered a bit, even though in the fridge.


I had an excellent lunch – used up the last two slices from my Morell’s Country Batard from the freezer, the last of the grey/purple cherry tomatoes from Golden Rule Farm at the Saturday farmers’ market, a Dirty Girl Produce tomato from Tuesday market, and a leaf of a tiny lettuce from Blue Heron on Tuesday. All this with some more of the Chandoka cheese I got when the Bowl had it for a tasting. Mayonnaise. Good sandwich.


On his Bowl trip to buy airplane lunch and dinner, D found Last Tango peaches, and bought me one. It had gotten soft in a way that did not seem promising, so I cut it in half and tasted a bit, and then put two chunks into my cereal and tasted them there – not exciting. So I decided I’d try cutting it up and frying it in butter later in the day. I cooked it hot – med-hi – and the butter burnt a bit – smoked, anyway, though it was a bit liquidy, evidently b/c of peach juice released into it. I turned over some pieces and was shocked that they had gotten black! But cooked them on the other side anyway. The pieces in the center was not as done – sort of just-colored. Surprise! The pieces that has blackened a bit weren’t really black when away from the stove and kitchen light – just very dark – and, they were delicious! The less-done ones were not as sumptuous. So, this must be balanced rather carefully, I expect, so as not to go assuming “oh, that’s not overdone” and then really kill it. But totally worth having again – a very good end for a so-so peach.


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