Hamburgers on Cheese Board seeame seed Kaiser rolls; broccoli; Death of Emperors Stout – 26 October 2018

D returned last night after dinnertime. We had decided to make ravioli with fresh tomato sauce tonight, but when we got to Cheese board to buy the ricotta and some bread for dinner, I saw some beautiful Kaiser rolls topped with sesame seeds, and said we should have those for hamburger rolls sometime. D was at the breads looking for lunch yummies (see below) and picked up two Kaiser rolls in addition to the three lunch rolls, Then he bought a baguette for dinner. So, thinking about this, and the fact that D was tired after his trip and all that, I said maybe we should start the tomato sauce for the ravioli tonight, but have hamburgers for dinner, and use the nice new rolls fresh. Forgot that meant we would not use the nice new baguette fresh till almost time for dinner. but we’ve had their baguettes before. The Kaisers are new. So I defrosted half a pound of hamburger and D made it up with the usual, (Worcestershire Sauce, S&P, onions, garlic) and I made it into patties (too thin and wide at first – I corrected when D observed this). I also prepped the last of the florets from the two broccoli stems I’d bought last week, and steamed them 3 minutes and tossed in butter with S&P. And that was that. I used three leaves from my  tiny lettuce from Blue Heron, and one tomato sliced, for the two hamburgers. D sliced off thin bits of a white onlin, and I put on ketchup and mayonnaise, plus mustard on his. We grilled the rolls briefly, and then D cooked the hamburgers while I cooked the broccoli. I decided to use the odd-yellow Russel Wright plates for this. Kinda fun 🙂

D suggested we try R&E’s new “Death of Emperors Stout,” which has a picture of one of the emperors who died on either their brewing or their bottling day (Caracalla – the “least missed” all this by text, D&R, after dinner), and I said ok. (E reports that John II Komenos died on the same date.) The stout looked like dark coffee – good, rich taste, and not too much of the bitterness I don’t like.

Yummy dinner.


I love the Cheese Board’s Bialys with onions and poppy seeds. Also the foccacia-like round things they make where tomatoes and olives become indented into them. Didn’t have the latter, but had olive-only ones – which I see on their bread index (!) is called Olive Foccacia – so D got one of those. Also a lovely one with bits of red pepper flakes (evidently) visible on top – bread index calls this Zampano, and D thinks that is what the sign said. All delicious, but I think the Bialys are still my favorites of the three. I got out the Humboldt Fog cheese, but these breads really don’t go with cheese (oddly enough), so I also cut a bit off the end of the baguette and put the small amount of cheese I had sliced off onto that instead of the fancy breads. And we ae up this cute, odd little cucumber from Peach Jamboree.

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