Lemon-herb Beef Kebabs with Couscous Salad; green beans – 3 November 2018

Filling in 6 Dec, and I don’t remember why we had this dish in particular. It tends to be, in previous posts, to have with special wines that we have bought or been given. Too lazy to look back at the moment, but perhaps this was the day we tasted the Cesanese at Wine Mine and really liked it, and decided to try it at home with “our food.” Probably. Aha! Dell’s calendar tells me the 3rd was a Saturday, so that’s probably it. Plus, I love this meal! I found it on two previous occasions in the blog, and both have the recipe, so not repeated it:



So the Cesanese was great, and pretty sure we bought more the next time we were at Wine Mine. I thine the 3rd was the “tour of Italy” tasting, and we really liked (and bought, to try at home) most of the sampled wines. D thinks “Cesanese” is the name of the grape.

We clearly got to Acme’s retail store by Kermit’s b/c that’s a Sweet Round loaf – probably on the way home from the P.O. and farmers’ market. Is that where the lovely green beans came from? Sourdough is so commonplace around here that having a sweet bread is something of a novelty – LOL!


Ah, yes! Clearly had the bread by lunchtime 🙂 We had the last of an herbed cheese that D got at the Bowl for their potluck on the 1st… ah, yes, again – my post from the 2nd, written in a timely manner unlike this one, tells me it is Chevre de Bellay with Herbs. Looks like uncooked beans, baby Tokyo turnips (probably from Tuesday, Dirty Girl) and an apple turnover from Acme. D thought we were getting the open-faced kind, so we have to pay attention to what they’re called, exactly. Good though 🙂



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