Tomato tart – last of the season – 4 November 2018

[Filling in based on photos and memory, 6 Dec]

I asked D if he would like another tomato tart (Warm Tomato, Leek and Cheese Tart, by Paul Bertolli, in the San Francisco Chronicle Cookbook) before the tomatoes are gone, and he said sure. Also has lots of basil, which is not in the title. The recipe is in one of the many previous posts on this dish. I used Ivy’s Vintage Cheddar from the Bowl for this one. We really like this cheese.

This one is round, b/c we are using only the large oven till we get someone here to sort out why the small oven is ticking rather than lighting. [On this, see TG, 22 Nov. OMG] This dish has leeks and tomatoes – i.e. veggies – cheese – i.e. protein – and of course crust so no bread necessary. Also basil, and much too much butter, but it sure is good.

I see we had another of the “tour of Italy” Wine Mine tasting wines, Ciro, which is very light and goes with everything. We ended up buying more of this one, too, next time we visited Wine Mine. It says “Librandi” and only “Rosso Classico,” and my tasting notes have no other information other than “VERY light.”

I do see from my notes that the Tour of Italy tasting was on the 27th, not the 3rd as I had imagined. Hm. So probably this is from a re-purchase of the Ciro. It’s a very useful wine for us. D finds online now that it’s Calabrian. Ooo, “one of the oldest named wines int he world.” Hm! “95% Gaglioppo, else “Greco bianco and Trebbiano Toscano” white grapes.


Lunch: (end of veggie portion)

Oh, cool – I thought there was no hope of figuring out this sandwich, which obviously looks interesting close up; but my photos show that on the 30th we had my much-loved broiled chicken/romaine/tomato dinner. This would account for the fact that the filling does look like chicken. Not sure what the dark stuff is, though. Nicely cooked zucchini – I probably did this rather than D b/c it has pepper and no onions.


This is the last apple I pulled off our tree this fall. I evidently had a fried egg rather than cereal, with this apple as “dessert.” Mmmm 🙂


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