Leftover Beef kebabs and couscous; green beans – 5 November 2018

We were all too busy – notably R was too busy – to consider R’s birthday, which is today. Filling this in on the 6th of December from photos and memory. I do remember 1) the kebab leftovers from the 3rd were outstanding, and



2) D suggested we just have another Cesanese with them b/c the first was such a good match. So we did. Are these the green beans from the Bowl that I bought a huge discount bag of? They were in perfect condition and lasted forever, so I am pretty sure (and was, from their appearance) that they were discounted b/c of a large supply, not b/c they were fading. Also: remembering that these peppers were long, thin ones from the farmers’ market, and we has a yellow one in the mix.




There were other cool things from this day. One, looks terrible but was tasty, was that I fried up slices of an unhappy peach in butter for dessert.



Lunch:Clearly had a cheese sandwich, and this is the time I made a cole slaw with the Dirty Girl “conehead” cabbage but forgot to put carrots in it. Good though. And…


I recently rediscovered this never-used gift from a former student, and took it out for tea this morning. The little cap really helps keep the tea hot! So cute 🙂 It’s now out for regular use, on days when I get up so far before D that there is time for tea between breakfast and his cappucinos 🙂




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