Mystery Freezer Stuff with added sausage – 13 November 2018

Since I was going to a 3:30 seminar and coming home on the bus, we decided it would be a good idea to see if there was something in the freezer that wanted eating, rather than counting on me to make pumpkin soup after I got home, whenever that might be (and indeed, I missed the bus by one block and waited more than a half hour for the next one). We found something with no label, which looked like perhaps Moroccan rice, with raisins in it, and decided to defrost that and see if it was any good, whatever it was. When I texted D to say I had missed the bus, he wrote back that he thought the mystery stuff was probably Moros y Cristianos.

Yes! Totally made sense. And he was right. When I got home, he had not yet gotten it completely defrosted, and we ran it through some microwave auto-defrost rounds. There was a lot of it. After my shower, I found D heating up a bit of it in a medium cast-iron pan. He tasted it and thought it wasn’t worth eating, only inasmuch as it didn’t have a lot of flavor (his concern about the red spots was relieved when I looked at the recipe and found a can of diced tomatoes). I tasted it and thought it was not bad. He tried again, and said why don’t we add a sausage and that would spark it up a bit. I pulled the last Fra’ Mani Savory Herb sausage from the freezer, and D microwave-defrosted that, too. I’d said the sausage was fully cooked, but when he looked at it and saw how red it was, he said This isn’t cooked! But the label, plus the firmness of the sausage, confirmed that yes, it was a ready-to-eat sausage. D decided to slice it into rounds and heat with two smallish servings of the Moros y Cristianos. It actually was quite a tasty dinner.

Well, we had a wine that wanted drinking, too. One day a few months ago, D brought up two bottles of 2008 Penfold’s Koonunga Hill Shiraz/Cab, in case the first one he opened was no longer good. It was good, but its sister bottle just sat here in on the floor by the “coffee shrine” ever since. So D proposed a wine from the most recent Wine Mine purchase (still upstairs) or the Penfold’s, and I said oh we should drink the Penfold’s. And it turned out to be a perfect wine for the meal (and dessert!), and very good, still. D picked up a Sweet Round loaf in the afternoon at Acme, I think on his way from a hardware store or a paint store.

Later, D went looking for chocolate, and came up with a box we should have eaten long ago, that is intended to pair with particular red wines. Since we’d had a Shiraz/Cab for dinner, D took the quarter-bottle I’d poured off and we had that with the three little white-tipped ones that were designated for a Zin or Shiraz.


A cold, sunless day (smoke?) and I really thought we should have a soup for lunch, but it was too late to make one by the time I thought of it. Then I thought at least we could have hot sandwiches. We

I used four defrosted slices from our most recent Acme Italian Batard, with mayonnaise, thin-sliced white onion, and the last of the Ivy’s Vintage Cheddar from the Bowl. I needed the large cast-iron pan to cook them in (which D later just reused for the Moros/Sausage), in butter, covered, moving between med-hi and med-low b/c I can never figure out how they are best done. D cooked up some shishitos (after smoking the oil, again!) and I cooked up the turnip and radish greens that I thought I was cooking… was that last night? Anyway, tiny bit, but tasty, heated with butter. They were sufficiently salted just by being cooked in salted water. Then we went to the farmers’ market, and then the P.O., and I went to the library till it was time to walk over to Cal to my seminar.

Breakfast – my covered teacup – This was a gift from China, and I had finished my tea, and then D made coffee (cappucino) and I used the top again to keep it warm. Amazing how effective that is!

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