Fresh tomato soup; Boucherin and crackers – 16 November 2018

A delicious and simple dinner, except for the cleanup 🙂

I kept on choosing more and more tomatoes at the farmers’ market on Tuesday, not particularly knowing what I wanted to do with them, only that it was not long till there would be no more of them. So, it being Cold and grey (due to the smoke) I realized today that I should make M’s tomato soup for dinner. D agreed, and suggested we just have the rest of the Boucherin he bought for Wednesday night at J-M’s movie, and some crackers. Done! I used 16 small Dirty Girl Produce dry-farmed early girl tomatoes, and the recipe here. I added most of 1/4 tsp salt when the tomatoes were almost done cooking down, and several grinds of pepper, and an unmeasured pour of whipping cream. I kept the soup on low, then, till I moved it to bowls (casualitas, actually) that I had pre-heated in the toaster oven. For an appetizer, we had a couple of the olives, also left over from a mixed bunch D had put together for movie night. Pictured here with mask for smoke.

I bought a six-pack of Carr’s water crackers at Costco b/c they were on coupon sale, and D chose the pepper ones for dinner, along with Sesmark rice crackers. Both very good. But the Sesmarks are really exceptionally delicious. D was surprised they went so well with the cheese. What really went with the cheese was the wine!

D wanted to have a white wine, and though I thought that sounded odd with tomato soup, he was totally right about the cheese. I haven’t tasted such a good match in ages! The 2017 Chateau Haut Sarthes Montravel LOVED the Boucherin (from the Bowl). The wine is 50% Sauvignon, 40% Semillon, and 10% Muscadelle. It’s imported by Eric Stauffenegger, which is why we bought it when we found it at the Wine Mine. Totally get more of this! ($14)


I opened the recchiute chocolates and chose out the ones for Cab (which we’re unlikely to have soon) and they were rather too old, alas 😦


I used four of the Dirty Girl tomatoes for bruschetta, which served as our lunch veggie. I used up the rest of the basil that I bought awhile back (It’s been in water on the island) cutting it into small pieces. S&P, olive oil. I defrosted two mega slices from the Sweet Round loaf D got sometime (when was this?) at Acme, and cut them so more than half could be used for the bruschetta, and less for “sopping bread.” The main dish was the last of the defrosted mystery from I think Tuesday – which turned out to be Moros y Cristianos. I reheated the last of it in olive oil, and added another Andouille sausage from Fra’ Mani. It was a delicious comfort food. Great lunch!

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