Morcilla and potatoes; salad with avocado – 18 November 2018

Christopher Lee had a sausage pop-up yesterday and R&E agreed to, among other things, split a packet of Morcilla with us. Turns out it is fully cooked sausage, for one thing I didn’t know. Also had no idea what it tasted like, and no idea what to do with it, hence, Google. Wherein I found several promising recipes, and we decided on this one.

I boiled up all the medium-sized Yukon Golds in the cupboard b/c they were sprouting a bit and wanted eating. The recipe says to cook the ones for this meal 3-5 minutes – I cooked them about 5 minutes after the water (salted, which is not specified in the recipe) returned to a boil, and they were almost done at that point. However, after fishing out what looked like more than enough to go with the sausage (it wasn’t 🙂 I let the remainder boil for another 9 minutes, and they are in the fridge waiting for another meal. I drained the parboiled ones and left them on a clean cutting board while the second batch used the colander. I cut the Morcilla into about 3/4″ lengths and cooked as directed, substituting med-low for low cooking b/c our stove’s “low” is barely warm. I used 1 Tbsp olive oil to start the single sausage cooking. I did up the heat to crisp the potatoes, rather than leaving on low, and that worked fine. I used regular paprika, but would like to try smoked paprika at some point for this recipe.

D’s and my discussion of dinner started with the fact that we wanted to try the Kermit Lynch 2018 Beaujolais Nouveau that we would have tried at the release party on Saturday, which was cancelled due to the smokey air. So, I had bought one bottle to try out, and we had that along with dinner. We started by thinking about what Christopher Lee would have cooked at his Kermit parties, which would often have been sausage-based, but that kind of flew out the window when we talked about Morcilla recipes and decided on this one. But in the process, I had decided a salad would be good, so I did include one, using three inner romaine leaves and some leaves from the two small heads I’d gotten Tuesday from Blue Heron. I just cut up one of the avocados I got from Costco on Thursday (all coming due at once! – though this one turned out to be not quite ripe, though soft) and made a lemonaigrette 🙂 with olive oil, lemon juice, S&P.

I really liked this year’s Beaujolais! I hope the Bowl has it b/c they will have a better price than KL.


I defrosted the two sandwich-sized leftover bits from the “San Francisco” (segmented) Acme baguette from a couple days ago. When I split it with the bread knife, I found the inside still a bit cold, so I gave it a minute or two on low (third dot) in the toaster oven, and this also crisped the crust to make it easier to eat. I used up two of the last three tomatoes, a few slices of an English cucumber, Ivy’s Vintage Cheddar, mayonnaise, salt and pepper (on the toms). It was a delicious sandwich! D came in from sanding and painting the south wall in time to serve out some Clausen pickle spears and the water.

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