Punted Chili; zucchini with onions – 19 November 2018

We are trying to empty the fridge of “must-eats” before the Thanksgiving cooking extravaganza. One thing in there was about 2/3 can of kidney beans, plus pretty much all of the liquid from the can. I mentioned to D that I had returned 1/6 lb (1/3 of a 1/2 lb chunk) of hamburger to the freezer, after cutting off 2/3 of the chunk for the “taco salad.” I could use that and the kidney beans to make a mini chili, after my Mom’s recipe. I never found the recipe card, but remembered enough of it that the chili turned out to be pretty tasty. I started by cooking the little bit of hamburger (mostly defrosted, and well salted) in olive oil till it wasn’t red any more, then adding at least as much that volume of chopped onion (the last of the white from the fridge, plus a cord of yellow) and cooking till slightly soft. In the middle, I poured off some of the fat from the Hb, but ended up adding back olive oil b/c it seemed to be too dry to cook the onions well. Then I added all the rest of the kidney beans (2/3 can) and some of the liquid, and about half a can of Costco diced tomatoes. Also something like 1/2 tsp each of ancho chili powder, sugar, and salt – the last after I decided it was not flavorful enough. I went to take a shower, after D offered to watch stuff, and he added more tomato juice and some of the remaining kidney bean liquid, too. Also, he sliced up 1/2 of a zucchini he had bought (Bowl?) and more yellow onion, and cooked those in olive oil with salt and pepper. Very good!

I went to the Bowl late during lunch hour intending to get an Acme Upstairs Bread, but, as I said to D upon returning, “The locusts have descended.” After locusts, trust me, there is no Acme bread left. I found a Semifreddi Ciabatta, and knew that would be great, so that is what we had with dinner and also for lunch.

Rather than go downstairs… Seriously, I went to the Bowl today to get some of Kermit’s Beaujolais Nouveau before they sold out. I bought 8 of the 18 bottles there (guessing R&E will want a couple) and filled out the case with some reds that looked interesting (b/c we are overwhelmed with whites in the cellar). So, rather than go downstairs, D chose one of those for dinner – so he didn’t have to run to the cellar. Not necessarily his motivation. The bottle says “Raina // Rosso Della Gobba, Indicazione Geografica Tipica” from 2015. I bought it b/c the shelf label said it was an “earthy” Umbrian wine. Not terribly so, but we did really enjoy it, and intend to buy more next time we put together a case.


Ciabatta sandwiches – same as the past two days, but different bread. Mayonnaise, Ivy’s Vintage Cheddar, the last Dirty Girl Produce early girl tomato, and some sliced cucumbers – delicious! D got out the last two Clausen’s Kosher dill pickles, which we love.

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