A most excellent random soup; leftover Pintxos salad – 3 December 2018

Another freezer mystery turns out to be really great! I found one of the small square glass snap-seals in the freezer with something that looked a bit like tomato sauce in it, a cup or less, most likely, and moved it quite a few days ago to the bottom fridge drawer to defrost for further inspection. D decided it looked more like stock – jellied – and smelled it – ok – then tasted it, declared it fine, and decided to make a soup with it. We had the rest (less than half) of the Pintxos salad from yesterday to use up, and the two would make a satisfying dinner. D put into the soup some of the cannellini not used in the salad, onions, some kale from the volunteer plant in a crack in the cement, and also wagon wheel pasta. Probably other stuff I’ve forgotten? “Carrots,” I said, and he said no, those were in the mystery stuff already. Aha! I suspect, and D agrees this might be right, that this was the pan drippings from last Christmas dinner, which was the one we repeated this TG – the capon with cilantro/cumin rub cooked surrounded by a pile of carrots. It was a GREAT soup! It might be possible, given our likely-correct hypothesis about the origin of the stock, to mimic it pretty decently if we want to make this again. Yummers!

Writing this the 11th – I see I also seem to have defrosted a couple of slices of round Acme bread from the fridge, probably Upstairs Bread. Ah, yes – a closeup view of the original of the setting picture reveals the tiny yellow inclusions – millet? – in Upstairs Bread. We’ve had a couple loaves of that lately. Excellent bread (of course).

D chose a wine from a Wine Mine Tasting, a Rioja that says Viura –  Tempranillo Blanco and also Maturana Blanca “2017.” It worked quite well. D remembers it as “bright, a little bit sparkly,” and I agree with that. Perhaps something of the same niche as an Eric Stauffenegger wine we had recently. Good choice for the meal, as it turned out.


We had avocado with cottage cheese and VJ’s French dressing, and D said let’s open the Terra Chips that I bought on sale at Costco, for fun. I got out some of the grapes for dessert. Good lunch, but hard to eat the avocado on a plate instead of in a shallow bowl – too slippery!

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