Pizza with zucchini, corn, feta, and cilantro – 8 December 2018

I decided on this pizza in order to use more of the cilantro we recently bought for… something… oh! the TG capon rub and/or the dino kale recipe. I searched the blog (i.e. bloggled – I hereby claim this word) for uses of cilantro, and repeatedly came up with this pizza, and the skirt steak with cilantro sauce.


I went to the Bowl yesterday for a can of corn (Del Monte “Summer Crisp,” vacuum packed – they had ears, but I don’t trust them at this point in the year), a chunk of feta (they had a 4-oz one in amongst all the larger ones so I bought it), and a zucchini. I forgot to buy a lime, and had to go back this morning, which gave me the opportunity to buy a nice sandwich roll for lunch, anyway.

So now we have a lime to use up. LOL! The description here is about what I did this time, except it was a (new) 1/3-recipe crust, with pushing 1/2 white whole wheat flour. 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes is an upper limit. I used 2 tsp lime juice but we decided on more and squeezed it on directly at the table.

The linked recipe shows we had this on a Friday during the long tenure of our “Friday wine,” which is red, but I never even considered red for this dinner. We had a Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio (Costco, on sale from $16.99 to $11.99!) in the fridge, and that sounded quite good to me, and it was.



The aforementioned roll, a Semifreddi bun, was what I chose for this Ivy’s Vintage Cheddar sandwich, with mayonnaise (and mustard for D) and The Last Three Tomatoes Of Summer, from Dirty Girl Produce a week ago last Tuesday (salted and peppered). Sturdy little things, fortunately, these three. It was an excellent sandwich. I also included very thin-sliced white onion, and the last of one of the lettuces from the same farmers’ market trip.


I also thought about green veggies at the Bowl – we were having zucchini on the pizza, and had had kale from the garden yesterday, so… Brussels sprouts? I was about to collect a bag of them when I noticed a discount package for $1.19/lb, and chose that instead. I boiled up six of them, cut into fourths or sixths depending on their size, and that was plenty for the two of us. I think they spent too long warming in the butter b/c they got a little too soft, but they were still delicious. Winter veggies return!

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