Cheeses to try out with “rose” wine; zucchini – 10 December 2018

I had planned to cook “Snow White Soup” tonight, since we have cauliflower, cream wanting using, and cheddar – but that is waiting for tomorrow. We were thinking about bringing cheese again to movie night at our friend J-M’s, and D didn’t want to have this cheesy dinner Tuesday, and then cheese again on movie night (Wed), so we moved this cheese one to today, to put a day between the cheeses. Cheesecheesecheese. And now we’re not going to movie night. LOL!

So anyway: this was an idea we had awhile ago, probably when we bought this wine originally – try it with cheeses. D also had wanted to try the wine with an apricot/lamb tagine, and we did that, so now it is the cheeses’ turn. The wine is Marotti Campi Rubico, “Lacrima di Morro d’Alba” 2016, but all that matters is *it tastes like roses.* I.e. it’s fascinating and doesn’t go with anything. But maybe cheeses, so we tried that. And it worked really quite well! I realized we could do this now b/c of the array of cheeses we had on hand – I guess I really thought about this on… Friday? Saturday?… when I tasted the Holland Goat Gouda at the Bowl (and bought it, again) and realized it might be a contender. I also pulled out the Manchego from the Bowl, the P’tit Basque from Costco and everywhere else, and the Boucherin that D bought at the Bowl recently for lunch when I was going to be out. It was a good group of cheeses. The Manchego and Basque are sheep cheeses, and the goat gouda (obviously) and Boucherin are goat cheeses. The Boucherin is a chevre, and, I was surprised to note, was probably the best match to the wine, though the Manchego was also excellent. All four cheeses were very good with the wine, but the P’tit Basque was probably the loser for this event (though an outstanding cheese).

D passed by the Acme retail outlet today so took the opportunity to buy a loaf not found at the Bowl, a Rustic Sweet Round. So beautiful!


Later (but not much) we had the last of the pumpkin half-pie that I made on Sunday, against all odds.


I always think “cheese sandwiches” and then D comes up with something more creative. This time it was a salad, using up some things that wanted using up. Example: for some reason, we have an extra hard boiled egg in the fridge. Salad! And the can of corn I opened for the pizza is mostly still there. Salad! I had kept the little bit of leftover lemon vinaigrette from the avo/cannellini/apple/pine nut salad, and, at D’s suggestion, also put back into the fridge the container that had stored the leftover piperade, and thus had red/yellow pepper/onion oil in it. He made the dressing from those two leftovers. Let’s see… some scallions… D was wishing for some beans, and I reminded him that we had too many cans of garbanzos, so he opened one can and added some of those beans, [He thought they lacked flavor and wanted marinating, and he was probably right, but I really enjoyed what flavor they did have in this salad.] Oh, I should probably say that this is romaine lettuce. We had eaten it twice, a few days before the warning came out, and I left it in its bag and moved it out of the produce part of the fridge, and waited. It’s been almost a month since we first ate it, and the city’s health dept person did not know of any instances of romaine problems here, which says to me that the Bowl, the most popular store in counties, not to speak of the city, did not sell any contaminated lettuce. We’ll see…

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