Supercaulifloweristicexpialidocious – 12 December 2018

Wow. Not sure how I found this recipe – probably some ad popup that looked good enough to follow (and, after all, would have said “epicurious” so no doubt worth it). Anyway, it was absolutely scrumptious! The reviews on the site were overwhelmingly in favor of reducing the massive amounts of salt, which had disturbed me when I finally noticed the total in the original, and some also suggested reducing the massive amounts of oil, so I did both. Hm… can I attach a pdf to this blog? I should write up my flow chart, b/c this is somewhat convoluted on first glance, but a flow chart makes it all make sense. In any case, I wrote up what I actually did on Dinner Journal Recipes, so that’s where the measurements and an attempt at a verbal flow chart are.

Briefly: Cauliflower “steaks” (1 inch thick slices of a monster head) are oiled, salted, and peppered, and roasted, then topped with mayonnaise/Dijon, and a parsley/lemon/panko/parmagaino topping, then roasted again 5-7 mins. Green beans are tossed in oil, S&P and roasted, then mixed with cherry tomatoes and white beans that have been tossed with the same lemonparsley stuff, minus panko and cheese – and then roasted again 5-7 mins while the cauliflower is roasted again. Veggies served over cauliflower. Delicious!

We didn’t have or miss bread for this dinner. I thought a white or red wine could work with this, based on the recipe as read, and D decided on a red – we had the Epicuro Salice Salentino that he had just bought at Trader Joe’s, and it was just fine with the interesting meal. We’ve had this wine quite a few times before and enjoyed it, so no surprise there.


Took this picture of white bread sandwich with white (Holland goat gouda) cheese with white cauliflower on white plate…

before D added the green bean chips… but there was green lettuce in the sandwiches anyway (the last of the pre-recall romaine). Excellent sandwich! We thought that avocado would go well this this cheese in a sandwich, and since we have some…




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