Marinated swordfish; green beans; rice; range bizarrity – 13 December 2018

So I found this google doc I had made called “try me” and it had an interesting-sounding grilled halibut dish with capers and such, and I decided to try it, since I was going to the Bowl anyway and could get the fish. But the fish guy said the only grillable halibut was previously frozen and also $25/lb, b/c out of season, so I decided to get some swordfish and I’d figure it out. I got two steaks, totaling about 0.9 lb (I said “we can reheat the leftovers with rice” and thy guy said “the thing with swordfish is, you eat it” 🙂 ) So when I got home I pulled out the Weber brown book (Real Grilling) and showed D a couple of possible marinades 0ne just garlic, S&P, paprika – the other he thought more interesting, so I fixed that up and stuffed the steaks into our square glass container surrounded by the marinade, and let it sit in the fridge about 40 minutes (30-60 prescribed).

For this 1/2 recipe-sized fish, I used 1 Tbsp EVOO, 1 tsp red wine vinegar, 1/4 tsp Kosher salt, and a few grinds of pepper, in lieu of measuring out 1/8 tsp. Then for “1 tsp Herbes de Provence” D wanted fresh herbs (of course) so I looked them up on Wikipedia. Turns out we grow the basic ones, so I gathered them – savory, marjoram, oregano, thyme, rosemary. We had some drying rosemary from when we gathered excess awhile ago, so it is not in the picture, but the things here plus some rosemary needles made about 1 Tbsp, which is about right: 3x as much for fresh herbs as for dried.

The two longest are marjoram – less than 8″; the larger-leaved three are oregano; the V in the top left-center is thyme; and the two remaining, with little upside-down umbrellas on them, are savory (off which I removed the larger, yellower, older leaves).

So, then. We’re blithely cooking away – D grilling the fish, minding the rice that he had put on, and the green beans – and the stove does this weird thing. The flames turn orange/yellow. All burners. They should be transparent blue/purple if they’re burning efficiently (with sufficient oxygen). WTF? then they turned a proper blue/purple again but only briefly, and then the yellow/orange thing again. We called PG&E and asked if something funny had happened with the gas. No. The options were something like “emergency” and “billing,” so I chose “emergency” and immediately said I didn’t think it was an emergency, we just wanted to know if something was odd about the gas feed. Meanwhile we’re talking with R next door, who does not have the same problem. Aha. PG&E determines our eyes are not stinging, and we have C=O detectors, so not life-threatening, so sends us to Appointments for a safety check. Appointments decided to send someone right out, and safety-checker D arrives within a half hour, probably less, and talks with us, proposes maybe the regulator is the issue. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and fast. We were most impressed. So, since then (writing the 16th) the stove has not done the yellow-flame bit, but we are going to have someone look at it.

I got the Thai jasmine rice and green beans into that paragraph. The fish got a bit overcooked in this process, but was still really delicious.

Wine: D went into the cellar and the feral cat followed him, and, per D, cat chose this Ligurian wine that we got a year or more ago (I think) at North Berkeley Wines. We have not been excited about the other Ligurians we got there, but this one we really enjoyed. It’s a “Pigato” and also says Riviera di Ponente, and Durin, which I assume are the origin and the maker, respectively.


R gave D a thick (two-day) slab of banana bread in the afternoon, and then in the evening, neither of them could find it out in the studio. Finally, late, R remembered what D had been doing during the handoff, and found the container, so we were able to have a chunk of banana bread for dessert. The topping has coconut and I think lemon and other stuff. Yummy! We would have liked to give our PG&E guy a slice since he was so great, but the banana bread was missing at that point.


Yesterday we had Holland Goat Gouda sandwiches, and it occurred to me while eating mine that this is a cheese that would go well with avocado, so we tried that. It worked! We’re out of lettuce and both of us have forgotten to buy any on recent trips, but I bought some of that purple-spotted chicory from Dirty Girl so we used that instead. Mayonnaise, Rustic Sweet Round loaf from Acme (probably defrosted some pieces – writing this lunch part on the 17th). We also used up some of the last of the French dressing from VJ’s recipe on the cauliflower, and D put his on the bit of avocado that didn’t fit in the sandwich. Carrot from Dirty Girl, too. Still a Costco avocado. It was quite soft and I thought it might be gone, but it was excellent. No bad spots at all.





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