Pita-chicory triangles; hummus – 15 December 2018

Somehow the idea of making these pita triangles came up – oh right! this was driven by having an open, partly-used can of garbanzos. How to use them up? Small, quickie (i.e. not from dried legumes) batch of hummus, perhaps? And pita bread, and then let’s add the triangles to that. I was going to go to the Bowl to buy spinach, but realized I could use the dandelion-like chicories in the back yard instead, so I did that – unfortunately not getting it together to make collect them till after dark. But they were in great condition, so the harvest was successful. The photo of the washed (they were also not very problematic in this regard) stems shows the first batch. When I got these stemmed and cut crosswise, they were under a cup, loosely packed, so I got a bunch more of them later. I ended up using what must have been 1 1/2 cups loosely-packed, stemmed and cross-cut chicory, and would have preferred a larger volume. The rest of the recipe was as I have printed previously, using 1 tsp lemon juice per triangle this time. Oh, another difference is that they were slightly overcooked at 9 minutes, despite having taken 10 previously. Odd.

D made the hummus. He drained the garbanzos (maybe 3/4 cup or so?), and made a valiant effort to reconstitute the aged, separated tahini from the fridge. He eyeballed 1/2 the volume of tahini as he had garbanzos, one moderate clove garlic, and the juice from half a lemon, and some salt. Guessing 1/2 tsp? Don’t count on this. He added a bit later to taste, and it was wonderful. He also used some water and some olive oil to thin it in the small Cuisinart. We had about 2/3 of the hummus for dinner, on two single-serving bread plates, and one pita to eat it with. I sealed the remaining two pitas into a plastic container for airtight storage overnight, and we will have the rest for lunch. Perhaps topped with paprika and pine nuts, which I was just reminded of from that link above.

D chose a Tieffenbrunner Pinot Grigio (2016) from Costco to go with this – it’s sort of serving as house white at this point – and that went fine.

Dessert was not happy – D bought some lovely raspberries a couple days ago, and I put them in the fridge, but they had developed mold already when we went to eat them (R had provided banana bread for two desserts, which is why the berries were delayed). D put the remaining ones over some of the vanilla ice cream from Tuesday, and it was a nice dessert, but it’s so sad we let the berries go bad 😦


This is not the “meatless” part… I heated up the last of the chili from last night, and D boiled up and then buttered some of the pre-bagged (discount?) edible-pod peas he picked up at the Bowl, and that was lunch. Oh, I also defrosted the heel of yesterday’s Acme 3/4 Whole Wheat Levain for sopping bread.

Waiting for morning coffee

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