Broccoli calzoni – 4 January 2019

We’d been sorta planning this dinner for quite awhile, to use up two broccoli stems. Then our friends R&L dropped off a huge bunch of broccoli when leaving for a trip. That was something like the *th of December. By the time I finally got around to this, the original broccoli stems were pretty uninspiring, beginning to go bad, so I just used the newer stuff. I pretty much followed the recipe here.

I made new pizza sauce from the linked “32 Zesty Pizzas” recipe, and was not impressed. D said maybe it needed salt. I wonder if the pureed tomatoes I used, and/or the paste, had lower salt than previous ones – these were Muir Glen, and they might, indeed, lower their salt. I should check that. Anyway, froze two 2/3 cup and one 1 cup aliquot for future use. Would have been two 1/2 cups but we are completely out of 8oz plastic containers. Have to buy more olives (have to do that anyway, come to think of it – writing this the 7th, and D used up all the olives in Puttanesca last night).

D chose [what we think is] our last bottle of Brutocao Zin, 2008, one of the stupendous finds from Grocery Outlet, this from 10 June 2014, of which we bought a case or three shortly thereafter. This was an excellent bottle. We will be really unhappy not to have this in our cellar any more!


We had a small (maybe 2 cup?) container of stock left over from our New Year’s lamb roast, and when I expressed urgency about using it up, D created this soup, which was good, though not super. It has mushrooms and the last of the blue potatoes that were so dry (great way to use them!). I wanted to add some slivered cabbage at the end, so I cut it up and D put that into the soup. I think it worked pretty well. Good, if not spectacular, lunch.

Treat (just for the record): We went up to “our” hill today, though it was Friday, b/c it was to be so rainy on the weekend we decided to get the jump on it. We left kind of late (11?) b/c I had to get a laundry on the line first, so we would be late for lunch, and brought a snack to have at the top of the hill.

I had pointed out this KIND bar to D b/c it was about to reach its use-by date (this month). It was really enjoyable, so we need to get more of these for our EQ emergency pack stash. KIND protein bar, “caramel nut”.


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