Pepperoni, kale, and potato soup – 8 January 2019

I made this soup following the recipe I recorded here, with these exceptions:

Instead of buying a bunch of kale, I used 16 stems about 5″ or so long from our ultra-curly kale in the back yard.

I used 5 moderate Yukon Golds, and weighed them for future reference: 1 1/4 lb. (cleaned, sliced, and kept under water till time to put them into the soup).

I used 4 cups water (preheated in the microwave b/c why not) and 2 chicken bouillon cubes plus 2 cups Swanson’s from the freezer, closer to the original entry on this soup than the above linked one.





D found a wine we bought at Wine Mine when the importer was there. She said it was her “go-to red” and she’d have it with everything, notably spaghetti sauce. It’s 80% Sangiovese, 20% Montepulciano, and is from Puglia. Hard to find wines happy with tomato sauce, so we bought I think a couple of them. This was not spaghetti sauce, but it was a decent accompaniment. The wine has a slight frizzle to it.

After looking over finances, I said we should have chocolate (having seen a monster TJs bar in there) or fruitcake, and D said fruitcake, so I opened this one, one that I’d chosen to keep for us.

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