“Poblano Quiche”; broccoli – 4 February 2019

The scallion soup last week used half a cup of cream, so I had a half cup to use up somehow. I had decided to grill eggplant and red pepper for the pizza, and grilling (roasting) a poblano worked at the same time, saving gas by not re-using the grill. So, this was on. The recipe is thoroughly written up elsewhere. I also steamed some broccoli and buttered it in the usual fashion.

D expressed a desire for his favorite bread for a change, so I bought an Acme Italian Batard when I went to the Bowl. Also supplied some “tangeriney things” to R, who is sick :(, and E, who needs them for her lunch break at work. Just barely made it into the 15-item line, and somehow ran over $25 (and had to sign the charge screen, which is rare so I notice it). One thing cool: I bought d a kabocha squash to make soup soon.

We had a bottle of CalStar 2013 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay in the fridge, so we had that with the meal. It’s a wonderful wine, but I think it would have preferred no hottish peppers. Also, seriously knocked me out. I must not have gotten a lot of sleep last night.


Adding the Lunch section on 6 March. OMG. This looks like the scallion soup, and I remember I really wanted to have it on these placemats, in these bowls, b/c I thought it would look nice 🙂 A couple of random raw veggies, a Bartlett pear for dessert (I’ve been buying only Bartletts, so I’m sure of that, at least).



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