[The Day Of Two Pizzas!] Personal pizza with roasted cauliflower and poblano chili, feta, and cilantro; Brussels sprouts. AND piperade pizza – 17 February 2019

When I decided to make the cauliflower wonderfulness again, I realized I would have LOTS of cauliflower left over, and I decided to try roasting some of the florets while the main recipe cooked. I tossed them in olive oil and salted and peppered them, and roasted them along with the cauliflower steaks. Then I just stored them in the fridge for a few days.

I assumed someone, somewhere, had made a cauliflower pizza, but when I googled “cauliflower pizza” everything seemed to be from carb-paranoid recipes using cauli for the crust. Not what I needed. I thought perhaps Arizmendi would have done the kind of pizza I wanted, and sure enough, on a random monthly menu page I had printed out, there it was. I needed to roast a poblano chile and buy some feta and cilantro. The menu also listed garlic oil – all good.

So, this was 2 tsp oil and 1 clove of garlic, painted over the 1.5 min-cooked crust, about half a somewhat small roasted poblano, cut into thin strips, perhaps a cup of roasted cauliflower florets, an ounce or so of French feta from the Bowl, and about 3 oz part-skim mozzarella. After the garlic oil, I put maybe 2/3 of the mozz on, topped with the poblano strips and the cauliflower, then the feta, and finally the rest of the mozz. Baked for another 5 minutes, then topped with some chopped cilantro. It was good! I would use more poblano and less cauliflower if doing this again, but basically, it was quite a good taste.

Remarkably, it was also good with this unusual Irouleguy wine from Herri Minna (thanks to S from the Bowl for ordering it for me). I really enjoyed this meal! I cut up two large (that is to say, monster) Brussels sprouts and boiled them 4 minutes, drained and tossed in butter, to make a bit more veggieness for the meal.


I used up the piperade for this pizza. Or rather, I made this pizza to use up the piperade, and see how piperade pizza would work – and it did! I just grated maybe 3 oz part-skim mozzarella and whatever bits of parmigiano were left in the grater (not much) and mixed them, put maybe 2/3 onto the slightly-cooked crust, spread the piperade over that (with as much of the oil as I could get out of the container – not a lot, really) and then sprinkled on the rest of the cheese mix. It was delicious!


Finally adding photos to this draft on the 25th of March! And I hadn’t written up breakfast, so… just looks like a lovely fried egg, a center slice from a Morell’s multigrain loaf, and mashed potato leftovers refried into little patties. I serve such breakfasts on my heavyweight Paula Ross pottery, which I preheat on low in the toaster oven, and this keeps the food warm. Bananas and milk to round out the meal.

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