Leftover porchetta; roasted potatoes; sweet pepper mostarda – 3 March 2019

[Filling in on the 26th(!)]

We had just a tiny bit of porchetta left from yesterday’s dinner. The recommendation from Chef Christopher Lee was to serve it with sweet pepper mostarda, so I looked for a recipe (with no knowledge of what made a good one). I eventually used this recipe, and was not especially impressed. We also had a bit of E’s homemade tomato ketchup, but in both cases, I thought the taste of the porchetta was enough on its own. The sweet pepper mostarda recipe was intended to be served with roasted potatoes, so we said why not, and made some of those, too. I cut Yukon Golds, still with peels, into large chunks (about 1/4 of a small/medium potato each), tossed them in olive oil and salt so they were thoroughly coated, and roasted at 450 till done – which, it being our smaller oven, was less than the prescribed 40-45 minutes. The potatoes were quite good.

I see we chose a new favorite wine, the earthy Copertino Reserva from the Bowl. Online I see this is mostly Negra Amaro, with a bit of Malvasia Nera. Whatever it is, it works 🙂



Didn’t shoot the lunch as evidently nothing remarkable, but we did have half of our share of the remaining “unbirthday pie” from yesterday. I seem to have had a glass of vanilla Silk with it, judging from the color and bubbles. I believe I recall we were short on milk, and this was an obviously good substitute with chocolate pie.



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