Sausage; leftover fagioli; grilled zucchini – 4 March 2019

We finished the porchetta last night, but still have a mound of fagioli all’uccelletto. We were not entranced by these, though they are perfectly good food. Probably we should learn more about cooking them. We decided to have a sausage with the beans on the side. D suggested we grill up the third zucchini that I had bought originally for dinner on the 2nd, but which we did not end up needing.

I skoodged the zucchini around in olive oil and salted and peppered them, and D grilled them. I’m filling this in on the 26th (!) and don’t recall whether we reheated the beans this time or not, but I’m pretty sure they worked cold on one occasion.

Rats. I really can’t tell from the picture which sausage it is. D cooks them whole, then splits lengthwise and cooks the inside to be sure it’s done, and we each have half that way. This looks to have been grilled.

Evidently bought a new loaf of Acme Italian, D’s favorite, and a beautiful bread.

D thought the 2013 Kirkland Rioja I bought was quite good, and was more impressed when I said it cost $6.99. They really do well with this one.

We had the last of the unbirthday pie. What indulgence!!


We tried out R&E’s suggestion of having C’s avocado/cottage cheese/dressing lunch with E’s ketchup instead of the usual red French dressing. The ketchup is excellent, but we didn’t think it was as good a match for this dish as the original dressing.

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