Omelette with leftover pepper mostarda after a promising city meeting – 5 March 2019

We were not impressed by the red and yellow pepper mostarda paired with the leftover porchetta, but thought perhaps the mostarda would make a good omelette. I realized this would be the night for it, when we would be at a city meeting from 6-8pm. We had no white wine in the fridge (sorry about that) but there was a Herri Minna Irouleguy upstairs, and D thought it would work fine, so I tucked it in the freezer, and he said sure take a shower before dinner (happy: not going to bed with wet hair). So I had already gotten out four pieces of Acme Italian from the freezer – I just left them on the counter and rushed off to wash my hair. When I got out, D was almost through with the omelette. Ack! Toast takes longer than that! I got some nice dishes from the dining room cabinets and put them in the oven, turned to 200 though/because no hope of ever getting there in the time left, and started toasting the bread. Somewhere in there I had cut lemons for water and D poured. D got the wine out of the freezer but went to do something else (cat?) and I opened it. It all came together, and the omelette was really good. Yay! For the record, he cooked some onions and garlic before adding the eggs, and he used an Iowa cheddar called Prairie Breeze (Cheese Board) for the omelette.

Herri Minna Irouleguy, 2015. There is still more at the Bowl. I think we should go and buy it.


We have these avocados that need eating. Unfortunately, there was not enough Monterey Jack to make avo/Jack sandwiches. Instead, I made grilled cheese sandwiches with most of the Cypress Grove Midnight Moon that D brought home from Cheese Galore in Baltimore (coals to Newcastle!) and some defrosted Acme Italian from last night. Then I just cut up an avocado into wedges for the two of us.


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