Pacchieri with hen of the woods and eryngii mushrooms in sage cream sauce; salad – 6 March 2019

[Filling in on the 26th]

I had some brand new (ergo, never frozen) Boudin Blanc sausages from Christopher Lee, and wanted to make this pasta before I had to freeze them. I finally weighed stuff and recorded what I actually did for this recipe, and put it on the backup blog to this one, Recipes from A Dinner Journal. So I don’t end up typing in the recipes over and over…


I asked D if he would make a simple salad, and he (as usual) made a really nice and refreshing one, with radishes and (I think) celery in it. Plus, it looked really nice – bright and springy.



He had gone to the Bowl and chose an Acme baguette for dinner. I’m typing this in the 26th, but I’m pretty sure this is a sourdough baguette.

For my special pasta, D sweetly chose a CalStar Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County Chardonnay (2013). We usually have a red with this – think pinot – but IIRC this was also a good choice. Very flexible pasta.



A grilled cheese sandwich, clearly… no memory of what cheese, but it likely had thin-sliced onions and mayonnaise. Some more of the mostarda, and the last of the roasted potatoes. I bought a pineapple in the discount room at the Bowl while D was away, and I think this was the last of it, or next to last. It was SO delicious!





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