Leftover fagioli with added sausage; kale from the garden – 7 March 2019

We had one more dinner’s worth of fagioli all’uccelletto from Saturday, and I proposed to defrost a sausage and add it to the beans this time. I found pork sausage with rapini and pecorino from Christopher Lee, and decided on that and defrosted one. I took off some parts that looked to me to be freezer burned, so the sausage wouldn’t cook like a whole thing, but that was ok. I put olive oil in the medium cast iron pan and cooked it with the side with skin still on down, and then flipped it over. The skin side had gotten crispy, and so it was easy to cut into chunks. I cooked these thoroughly, then added the remaining fagioli and kept turning them till the veggie was also done. Veggie was kale from the garden – this of the very-curly variety. I searched for aphid eggs, giving up on parts of some stems, and washing others carefully, till I was satisfied I had a pile of aphid-free (or at least almost?) kale. I boiled this 3 minutes in salted water, drained, pressed in the colander, returned to the heated/dried saucepan with perhaps a tsp of butter, salted slightly and tossed with the melted butter. I also defrosted two bread ends: a Morell’s sesame for me, and Acme Italian for D.

We have a small selection of wines brought up from the cellar, and one of these was the Beringer Paso Robels “The Wayfarer” from 2015. I bought it at Costco b/c generally I have respected Beringer wines (except white zin). It was $5 off so 11.99. It’s sort of mainstreamy, but quite tasty and I enjoyed it a lot. Not at all a bad choice with this meal.

I wondered aloud later if we had some chocolate, and D took out the last of the TJ’s bar with almonds, and gave us each three (!) segments. This is good but not great chocolate, IMO. MUCH better than no chocolate!





Next-to-last Costco avocado got used in nachos. I bought Monterey Jack and La Cascada sala for the occasion, and we are still using chips from the mega-bag from one Costco trip ago. Sprinkled in a bit of cilantro, which has no other destiny at this point. Need to figure out how to use it.

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