Omelette with avocado, salsa, and Monterey Jack – 9 March 2019

This is probably my favorite omelette, though D is not as entranced. I make this one, he makes the others (which are excellent, and totally different – Julia Childy). I make the two omelettes separately, one egg for me, typically two for him. I mix the egg normally with salt, pepper, and a splash of milk, beat to as much homogeneity as I can manage, and cook on medium-high in hot butter, in the 8″ Revere frying pan, skoodging in the edges and letting the still-liquid eggs pour out to the edges and cook quickly. I turn the heat to low, grate Monterey Jack over the left side of the almost-dry eggs and let it melt, then top with La Cascada Salsa Fresca, spoon-drained, and fold the other side of the omelette over the fillings. I leave this to warm through (usually covered), then turn over onto a hot serving plate (in this case, a Russel Wright Steubenville design, lunch-size, and dark olivey green), and top with avocado wedges. This was the last of the Costco avocados, I think [finally writing this the 27th!]. Looks like Acme Upstairs Bread there, probably bought new? No, I’d have a picture of it 🙂

Omelette wants a white wine, and not a pricey, subtle one; I thought the Ti Point Marlborough SB from Costco was a good choice.

We’re happy our domesticating feral cat is becoming so comfortable in the house. We are gently suggesting that this new behavior of walking across the dining room table is less than optimal.










Not sure why I photographed this, except I just like the way eggs and toast look 🙂

The very heavy plates, by Paula Ross, heat nicely in a couple of minutes on low in the toaster oven, and allow the eggs to stay warm.

The toast looks like Morell’s Country Batard.


Milk and bananas complete the meal. Luxury!


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