Hamburgers; broccoli – 10 March 2019

I had this tomato left over from a linked threesome I bought when I needed two tomatoes (Sultan’s Soup, pizza) and decided I could use the third for hamburger topping. I really, really should not consider buying tomatoes in winter, except possibly for little ones. Owel, these provided moisture, at least. And were sorta red. D was on his way to the auto parts store and asked if I needed anything at the hardware store on the way, and I said “soft round buns” which didn’t sound like hardware to him, but of course, he was also passing the Acme Bakery on San Pablo. He bought 4 round buns and I froze two of them for future burgers. I pulled a 1/2 lb of hamburger from the freezer – a Costco bit bought in early 2018, which shows how often we use hamburger (though I think we’ve bought 2 1/2 lb outside of this in that time period).

D dictated the hamburger contents b/c he’s good at it – I chopped some red onion and minced a garlic clove, he added salt and pepper and Worcestershire sauce. I think that’s all we put in, but he thought an anchovy might be interesting. Saved that for a future hamburger. I cut up the tomato, washed a romaine leaf, and thin-sliced more of the red onion, to top the burgers. I mixed these up b/c I don’t mind using my hands to do this, and I am also the one to make the patties b/c I am a big believer in making them Wiiiiddddde b/c they shrink. This time, they ended up perfect size for the buns! D did the grilling, as he usually does – both the burgers and the buns. We added ketchup and mayonnaise, and D might have added seedy mustard from the Bowl (he said he was going to but I don’t think he ended up doing that). Tomatoes, salted and peppered, the lettuce, the onion, and one delicious set of burgers 🙂


D had bought an elastic-connected set of three large stalks of broccoli at the Bowl whenever it was, and I took one of those, removed just the florets, and steamed them 3 minutes, then tossed in butter and S&P. We’re going to have three stalks-worth of stems at some point, perhaps to use in broccoli calzone.

We had bought a bottle of Rapitala Nero d’Avola at The Wine Mine on Saturday and thought maybe this would be a decent meal to try it with. Were not sufficiently impressed by the wine to buy it again, though it was decent. We’ve had it before, but the label has changed so we were not sure the orange label and the previous white one were the same thing – which they apparently were, just different vintages.


Defrosted two center-cut slices from the recent Acme Upstairs Bread and made grilled cheese sandwiches with Monterey Jack, seedy Bowl mustard, mayonnaise, and thin-sliced onion. Also, D cooked up a few monster Romano beans, boiling them, then tossing in butter, salt, and pepper. A delicious lunch! I really like this grey plate, too.

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