Leftover “Paul’s Lasagna”; Romano beans – 11 March 2019

When we had lasagna on the 8th, I tucked away the remaining part in the Corning Ware baking dish and re-covered it with (most of) the foil I used to cover it while baking. I just popped this into the oven and let it heat up – IIRC (writing this the 26th!) setting it for 350, and putting in the lasagna before the oven was up to temp. It took less than a half hour to heat up nicely. D cooked some romano beans and topped with butter. He boils them – even puts them into cold water and just times 2 minutes after the boil I think – and they turn out fine. D clearly wanted an Acme Italian Batard for dinner, so we had that.

I don’t remember this wine well, but will ask D about it… ok, he remembers we liked it – calls it “moderately good – it wasn’t grand.” I’d say it was enjoyable. An Aglianico called La Capranera, (2016), 14.99 (less [mixed] case discount) from the Bowl. Probably worth having another. The label stripes are shiny and in relief.

Later, R showed up at the back door with a pumpkin mousse, texting D beforehand to see if we had cream (no) and candied ginger (remarkably, yes). R brought a heavy little white ceramic cup with some cream for us to whip. D found a tiny plastic bag with ancient candied ginger that fortunately he was aware of. We broek up half of it and sprinkled it over the whipped cream. Delicious dessert!


We got the bread by lunchtime, I see 🙂 Also, we’ve been buying discount bags of these edible-pod peas, and they are so great! Cheese sandwich, but don’t remember which cheese – looks to me as though the peas were probably boiled briefly and tossed in butter and salt, but I’ve also been quick-sauteing them in butter and oil sometimes.

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