Last of the leftover lasagna; Romano beans – 12 March 2019

I am writing this up on the 27th, from photos and memory, but pretty sure when we finished the second incarnation of the lasagna, I again moved the leftovers into containers where they could be both stored and reheated – these cute little Corning Ware personal-sized baking pans – and covered with parts of the aluminum foil from the original (and second) baking. It took less time to reheat them in these small containers. I got to take out some of our trivets to protect the table from these hot little pans, which contain much more heat, and more concentrated, than a pizza moved onto a pan (that was not in the oven). One of us – likely D – cooked up some Romano beans to go with the lasagna, and that was it.

D chose a bottle of our “goes with everything” very light red wine from The Wine Mine, Ciro. I see back on the 4th of November we looked up this wine and found it’s “…Calabrian. Ooo, ‘one of the oldest named wines int he world.” Hm! ‘95% Gaglioppo,’ else ‘Greco bianco and Trebbiano Toscano’ white grapes.”

And “It says “Librandi” and only ‘Rosso Classico,’ and my tasting notes have no other information other than ‘VERY light.’”


Grilled cheese sandwich, clearly, with onions. I wish I remembered all the cheeses we’ve used in sandwiches lately! Have to get better about writing things up. Edible-pod peas, either steamed and tossed in butter and salt, or quick sauteed in butter and/or oil.

We had two of these pretty tangerines for lunch. Below is what they looked like at half past 6 in the evening, catching the light from the kitchen window.


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