Common Grill Black Bean Soup; edible-pod peas – 22 March 2019

I wrote up the recipe for this soup here. This time, I made a half-recipe, which is enough for two dinner servings and looks like one lunch, or one more dinner. I used 3 strips of thick-cut Fra’Mani applewood-smoked bacon, diced small; the recipe says 3 strips bacon but probably does not presume the thick-cut kind. I cut the salt to half in the recipe (1 Tbsp, so half Tbsp this time) and cut the cayenne to 3/4 of what it called for (recipe: 2 tsp, me 1 1/2 tsp, this time 3/4 tsp). It was excellent 🙂 Sour cream and La Cascada Salsa Fresca over the top. D bought Acme Pain au Levain for this meal, partly b/c it’s a survivor and will still be good tomorrow, but mostly b/c it is partly whole wheat and feels substantial next to this soup.

One of us – it’s only the 24th and I don’t remember who, likely b/c we’ve made so many edible pod peas lately and both have cooked them – sauteed the peas in oil or butter or oil and butter, depending on who it was.

My notes on the recipe page say that Brother Thelonius is great with this meal, and indeed it is a good choice with the hot stuff – cayenne, and the mildly hot salsa on top. My only complaint is that it removes one wine opportunity 😦


D made up a really nice salad for lunch, using our new champagne vinegar in the dressing. Also, importantly, had hard boiled egg and more of the Gunpowder Blue cheese from Cheese Galore in Baltimore that he brought back from his trip. We had the start of the Levain with it (though this shot is actually late in dinner). And a double-dessert of a tangerine and Girl Scout Cookies afterward! I think this was the last of the S’mores.

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