Dinner at Cornerstone after the concert – 24 March 2019

Could we possibly get Cornerstone to un-dumb the spelling of “Brussels”?

The BSO concert was, unusually, at 4pm today, and so we invited R&E to have dinner out with us after the show, place TBD. D was feeling quite unwell, and decided at almost the last minute that it was a better idea for him not to go, so R&E&I ended up having dinner together.

They thought Cornerstone would be a nice change, so we went there. R&E ordered pork belly nachos and a tri-tip sandwich to share (both below), so I added veggies – the roasted Brussels sprouts and roasted cauliflower (photo above), both of which are served with dressings (Green Goddess, spicy aioli). I also ordered soppressata (right), which comes with cornichons, caperberries, and mustard. They got it wrong and sent prosciutto instead, but took it back and correctly made the substitution. The sprouts were my favorite part, just like last time. I thought everything was good, and enjoyed substantial tastes of both the tri-tip sandwich and the nachos, though I didn’t think the pork belly added anything to the nachos from my perspective, and I’d just as soon have them without it.

We had beers, obviously: I chose the Marin Point Reyes Porter, after tasting that and two others (Faction Java World Stout and Moonlight Death & Taxes – R&E agreed with my choice), E had the “Neolithic” and R the Tripel. All good. This information, however, is of minimal use b/c they are constantly changing their beer selections – which is, of course, why it’s an interesting place. My porter didn’t show up for ages, and it turned out it was the very end of the keg and not a full glass, and they comped me on it. Service was not terrific, but I did add in the price that the beer would have been before calculating the tip.


D was already not feeling great, so I made lunch. I used up the remainder of the dark green tomato, thinly sliced (so there would be enough, and also so the cheese would melt) on a Cave Aged Gruyere (Bowl) sandwich on yesterday’s Levain. Also used the pretty much perfect avocado in the fridge on an avo/Niçoise olive salad, with my usual olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing on it. We had a few Girl Scout cookies for lunch-dessert.


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