Leftover Common Grill Black Bean Soup – 25 March 2019

D still under the weather. We had planned to have the leftover soup for lunch, but he suggested saving it for dinner, by which time the rains would have returned, and also, he would feel more like getting up and eating. It was, indeed, grey and rainy by dinner time. I just took a loaf-end of Acme Levain out of the freezer to defrost, and heated up the soup. D got up to get the water and stuff. Put the sour cream and La Cascada fresh salsa on the table, and we added those for ourselves.

We had the Douro from the Bowl still upstairs, and D thought that would work, so I tucked it in the fridge for awhile to lower it to cellar temperature. We liked the wine, but puzzled a bit over whether D’s note on the back said $10.99 or $16.99. Indeed, it was the lower price, and we thought it was quite well worth that. The wine is Vale do Bomfim 2016, “a red wine blend from the house of D O W (in a graphic). It’s even a blend of a blend – 40% Touriga Franca, 20% Touriga Nacional, and 40% “field blend.”

I noted that we had languishing tangerines, and should take a break from Girl Scout cookies (which will keep) and eat those for dessert. D took this to mean “no cookies” and when R offered some, coming home from the craft coop meeting, he said no, maybe tomorrow. Fortunately, he told me he’s said that, and I  immediately texted R “YES TO COOKIES” so he immediately showed up with them. I thought the heart ones were his and the  chocolate someone else’s but D thought the opposite; he’s more likely to be right. We had one each of each kind, and I tucked the other two into an airtight container for tomorrow.


D wanted a nap and said he’d fix his own lunch later so I indulged in a Christopher Lee breakfast sausage and a fried egg. I cooked the sausage in the large cast iron frying pan, in the last drips of olive oil from our old bottle, and a bit of butter, then added butter into the tiny sprayed drops of sausage mist on the other side of the pan and fried the egg there. I think I prefer it just in butter, but it was fine. I toasted up two smaller slices from the recent levain, and that was it. (Except for serving it on a preheated Paula Ross plate, which holds the heat so beautifully.) Yummy lunch!

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