Spaghetti alla puttanesca – 29 March 2019

Knowing we were going to the Monet exhibit, and would be away most of the day and tired by dinnertime, D suggested Puttanesca for dinner. It’s relatively easy though this one had complications we were not expecting. Berkeley Bowl got Gaeta olives again!! They had pits, so D ended up having to pit them before cutting them into halves for the pasta sauce.

He fetched parsley from the garden, and shopped for bread and bananas and the olives. He was looking at a recipe is Georgeanne Brennan’s Olives, Anchovies, and Capers, which started with a pound of pasta and a 28oz can of tomatoes. I pointed out that we usually use 1/3 of a 14oz can of tomatoes for 1/3 lb pasta (from Diane Seed’s 100 Best Pasta Sauces) for the two of us, and then also pointed out that there were two tomatoey leftovers in the fridge: a bit of the sauce we didn’t use over the broccoli calzoni, and the tomato juice from the can I sorta-drained for the piperade (juice kept in a jar). He decided to mix those and use them, and it turned out great. The sauce also has two (or three?) anchovies [so this is meatless, but not vegetarian] and capers. It was really delicious! Unfortunately, we forgot to put away the tiny bit that was left, which D imagined would make an interesting start for something.

D bought his favorite Acme Italian Batard at the Bowl, which was, of course, excellent with the meal. He also bought a wine that we had forgotten to buy as a “tester” when choosing a case a couple weeks ago: a Kermit Lynch-imported 2017 Langudoc, which we had for dinner and enjoyed. At $10.99 it’s a fine deal even without the case discount. We’re betting it’s $11.95 at Kermit Lynch.




After the Monet, and then a brief but satisfying tour of the Steve Kahn photographs, we went for lunch before heading home. On the south side of the park we found an Arizmendi, which we knew would be excellent, and also it’s nice to support your local collective. Lucky day – they were trying out a fairly new pizza, and it was really excellent. The enu said “Roasted potatoes and masala curry,” but there was [even] more than that. The potatoes, the guy at the register said, were soaked overnight in masala curry (I wish I had asked if this was before or after roasting), and the pizza had not only whole milk mozzarella, but also parmigiano (which I had thought I could see in its finest-grated form, in tiny dots). There was parsley over the top that looked slightly cooked, but it’s likely that happened as it sat on the pizza, having been added post-cooking. Anyway, superb pizza!

The drink cabinet was oddly uninteresting to me, but I chose out an Odwalla-like drink by Columbia Gorge called Mango Cogo. It was tasty and I enjoyed it.

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