Leftover grilled polenta with black bean salad and poblano/cilantro sauce – 1 April 2019

Well, this couldn’t have been easier. I just took the bean salad and the sauce from the fridge, and also the half-tray remaining of polenta, cut the polenta in half and brushed both sides with canola oil (Wesson, I think the only brand the Bowl had, perfectly fine) and grilled 5 minutes on the first side and 3 on the second.


I cut each polenta piece in half in two different ways to play with presentation for amusement.

I put on the beans, and put the sauce on the table. Done! Here’s a recipe, from Weber’s Art of the Grill. I now cook 1/2 recipe polenta, full recipe bean salad, and double recipe green chili sauce.

D brought up a bottle of a new fave, Copertino, which is mostly Negroamaro. I thought it didn’t go quite as well as the CalStar ZaZaZin we had with the first night of this meal.

Later we had the last half of the cantaloupe D bought the other day. Delicious dessert!



We tried out the new cheese we got at Country Cheese yesterday: Kerrygold Dubliner Irish cheddar. Just defrosted a couple slices of Acme Italian for each sandwich and grilled it. I had onions on half mine and none (only mayonnaise) on the rest. D had the whole shebang, including mustard. I thought the onions didn’t add anything much to this particular sandwich, but the cheese was great. An “austere” sort of cheddar – different from many. D also mixed up, as he has been doing lately, slices of Persian cucumber with Strauss Family yogurt. He adds seeds and spices and lemon in a variety of combinations – don’t remember [writing the 5th] which it was on this occasion.



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