Lamb kebabs, Thai jasmine rice, dino kale – 2 April 2019

Our friend R showed up for D to drive him to the airport, with bottles of recorked wine for us to finish. Amazing. We had planned a salad, which would go nicely with the rose we were thinking of having with it, but one of the opened, mostly-still-present bottles was a CalStar Oppenlander Vineyard Pinot Noir (Mendocino) from 2015, which we had no idea was still around. So I defrosted some lamb chunks and we had kebabs for dinner. I microwave-defrosted the lamb, and then salted the chunks with 1/2 tsp salt, carefully salting each piece, then turning them all over and salting the opposite side. Reading Samin Nosrat’s Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, and she says salt early and don’t be cautious, so I did and didn’t. We later decided that 3/4 tsp would have been preferable, but it was not past the limit of acceptable salt. [I weighed the meat in two steps – in its glass container, it weighed 1lb 14.3 oz, and today (writing the 3rd) the container weighs 1lb 4.5 oz. SO…] …that was for 9.8oz of lamb, or a bit over 1/2 lb for two. I also gathered some thyme from outside, and pulled off the leaves, and also those from a leftover branch from a few days ago that had been sitting in water on the island, and minced that. finely minced one clove of garlic. I drizzled some olive oil over the lamb, then tossed in the garlic and thyme and mixed with my hand, covered the lot in the glass defrosting container, and left while I went to an interesting seminar. I think the marinade went on by 2:30 or so, so it was on for just over 4 hours before cooking. D took out the lamb about 6:30 while I took a shower, so it was close to room temp by the time I skewered it and grilled it (on high, first oiling the grill) for a few minutes on a side. But first, I started a cup of Thai jasmine rice, with 2 cups water and 1/2 tsp salt, and also washed up half of the bunch of dino kale D bought at the Bowl. D decided to try just dutting the kale crosswise into small chunks so we wouldn’t give up also eating the stems, and he sauteed them (stemmier parts starting first) in I think just olive oil. The stems were still too tough to be pleasant to eat, so D wants to cook them separately next time. Interesting that he is so intent on not wasting the kale stems all of a sudden, since he resists eating chard stems. New leaf?  Anyway, it was a worthy try, but didn’t work.

The wine was excellent. I already spelled it out above.

After working on our taxes and having Turbo Tax fail on us when we were almost done (I think this is the last year for Turbo Tax) we had more of the Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream I bought a week or more ago, and the last of the Thin Chocolate Sauce – Mom’s recipe. It was a lovely dessert, but I would rather not have still been fighting with TT at the time.



We both really liked the Kerry Irish Cheddar we got on Sunday at Country Cheese, so we re-ran those grilled sandwiches from yesterday, though I left out the onion from mine and stuck with mayonnaise and cheese. We ate up the broccoli florets that I had cut off when using the stems for calzoni several days ago, and D mixed more small Persian cucumbers with the Strauss Dairy yogurt and some cumin seeds I think – for a bonus dish.

I went to a 3:30 seminar, before which the goodies table was laid out, and I had a sumptuous treat – which, in truth, was not a good choice to serve without plates, forks, and in truth, tables. But it was luscious! I should have noted the name of the patisserie.


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