Salad with bits of everything – 5 April 2019

We had thought of this salad for a couple days. When R showed up bearing opened wines, we moved it from Tuesday to an unspecified day – which turned out to be today. One of the opened wine was a 2018 CalStar Rose of Pinot Meunier, which we’d never had, and that one was for tonight. I washed up several leaves of red romaine, which I bought at the Bowl… yesterday, was it?… instead of “regular” romaine, just on a whim, but in part b/c it looked better (though $2.19 instead of $0.89 per head!) I asked D if he wanted me to get some chicory leaves, or some of the volunteer arugula he noticed, from the garden, and he sort of shrugged a “sure, why not.” So I added torn chicory and arugula to the torn romaine in the salad spinner, re-rinsed, spun, and left it all on a towel to dry some more when I went off for my shower. D added the things we’d saved or noted as needing using over the days: a couple Tbsp of black beans I didn’t add to the bean salad (with the polenta), a couple of edible pod peas I left for this purpose, a small chunk of smoked ham that didn’t fit into our last ham-bearing sandwich, one scallion D found in the fridge, a Persian cucumber from a large discount bag he bought this week… is that it? And then the dressing – this was as much about the fact that we had a bit – perhaps 1/4 cup? – of the green chili sauce left over from the polenta meal (and its re-run, and having it over the refried potatoes). I worried it did not look like enough, and D agreed, and figured out that adding some olive oil to thin it would work well. And it did. It was a really delicious salad, and the rose went well with it. Everything worked!

CalStar Rose of Pinot Meunier, 2018, gift of the winemaker.


We had the last three Do-si-dos and the first two Thin Mints from our Girl Scout Cookie collection – they’re almost gone 😦

OK and then four more…



We bought Meunster at Country Cheese on Sunday mostly b/c I saw it and thought wow, we havn’e had that in ages. I made grille cheese sandwiches with it today – mine just Upstairs Bread, mayonnaise, and cheese, D’s with added mustard and thin-sliced red onion. We both thought our sandwiches were excellent. I usually think of Meunster as a sort of mild and maybe lowest-common-denominator cheese, but this was really as good as any grilled cheese we’ve had. I’m happy 🙂 I peeled two small carrots – mine was so sweet! – and D cleaned up two Persian cucumbers – and that was our veggie.

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