Pizza with roasted red peppers, potatoes, and tapenade – 6 April 2019

I adore this pizza, and have made it a lot, now. I finally got the recipe over to the support blog for this journal, so I no longer will type it in here. It really has a lot of prep – boiling potatoes, roasting the red pepper, and making the tapenade (the Bowl has Gaeta again!!), picking rosemary and pulling and chopping the leaves, heating the oil and mincing the garlic and then heating them for a bit.

Grating the cheese, but that’s easy and could be done while the pizza crust pre-cooks for 1.5 minutes.

We went to the Cheese Board after lunch to get the Fontina Valle d’Aosta for this pizza, and then I went to the Bowl to get the red pepper, and the rest of our small shopping list. Otherwise, we had the stuff.

D suggested the ZaZaZin from CalStar, and I said well there’s a Kirkland zin to try for $9.99… and then I said no, it’s Saturday, let’s have the good stuff. So we did, and it was lovely. Not the most favorable dinner for any wine, what with the red pepper flakes over the pizza at the end, but nevertheless, an excellent meal overall.


For dessert we (evidently – adding this sentence the 9th) had two thin mint Girl Scout cookies – my favorite, and I think D’s too, so we saved them for last from our gift box from brother B.




We had leftover Thai jasmine rice from the lamb kebab dinner, and D did the honors. He started by cooking some red onion in olive oil, and sprinkling beriberi over it, then added roasted peanuts. It was a delicious way to use up leftover rice! He looked at the five avocados I had gotten at Costco and asked if any was ready – yes, so let’s just have an avocado. Which we did. They were early enough in their ripening that there were no bad spots around the outside. I spread some on my heel-of-[Upstairs]-bread, and it made me realize how good avocado toast (all the rage) would be. But I didn’t take a picture. Owel.

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