Defrosted Seven Bean Soup with sour cream – 7 April 2019

Not sure why D didn’t want to cook either his tapenade and filet bean pasta, or his herb omelette with raclette tonight (both of which we have planned on having at an unspecified date), but he suggested instead we just eat the Seven Bean Soup that I had moved a couple days ago from freezer to fridge – about 3 cups of it. We were walking down the hill at the time, after almost two hours of walking – unusually, in the late afternoon instead of morning this time – so perhaps he was just tired. He spent the morning finalizing his Dad’s income tax – that will wear anyone out. So anyway, majorly hard dinner – take out container, pour soup into pan and heat; take out sour cream container and put on table; fill glasses with water and lemon wedges; open the wine; defrost a slice of bread.

D suggested we try the Costco (Kirkland) Old Vines Zinfandel (2016) but he ended up not liking it much. I thought it was fine, but not anything special – on the round and full side, not the sparser, food-friendly side. Not that you’d expect anything special for $9.99, but the Rioja for $6.99 was remarkably good, so that’s why I tried this one. Can’t win them all.

I got out two Girl Scout Thin Mints for dessert, but when both of us wanted more dessert, D went over and got out two shortbread trefoil cookies for each of us. I thought they were all gone, so it was especially nice to have them.






D got lunch ready while I took a couple things off the line that were dry already. He used the last of the Home Made tortilla chips and some of the new Kirkland tortilla “strips” made by Mission, grated Jack from yesterday’s Cheese Board visit over them, and then set out for me a jar of Mezetta jalapeno rings and half an avocado, cut into pieces, though still in its shell. So I broiled my nachos briefly, added jalapenos and the avocado, and ate. It was quite delicious! I found the last couple of times I could taste the avo better, and I’m beginning to think that the salsa we usually have on nachos kind of damps the flavor of the avos.

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