Spaghetti with filet beans and tapenade – 8 April 2019

We are celebrating the return of Gaeta olives to Berkeley Bowl with tapenade recipes. D originally found this in the Chez Panisse book Pasta, Pizza, and Calzone, and he makes it a lot. The tapenade is Gaeta olives, anchovies, garlic, cognac (brandy this time) and olive oil, pounded to rough consistency with mortar and pestle.

He puts the beans into what is actually a deep frying cage and boils them one minute in the salted pasta water, then lifts out the cage before adding the pasta. I dipped out some of the pasta water just before serving time to heat the plates, and got the lemon/water together, but was otherwise useless. D even opened the wine, which he pulled up from the cellar: Domaine d’Abas Minervois, from Chateau St. Jacques d’Albas. This is a favorite we were pointed to by our fellow earthy-wine lovers at The Wine Mine a couple years ago. D did the shopping this morning, and bought his favorite bread, Acme Italian, for lunch and dinner.


I suggested we have tangerines (Sumo mandarins, actually) for dessert, and then decided to add Girl Scout shortbread trefoils to that, but I didn’t take a picture this time.



D wanted to use the new bread for sandwiches, and wanted his with muenster just like the previous one. For me: meunster (from Country Cheese on Sunday) and mayonnaise; for him, add mustard and some thin=sliced red onion. I cooked these in butter, while he dug up old and new picholine olives (Cheese Board old – one of mine had gotten moldy šŸ˜¦ – and Bowl new – too acidic for me, but D liked them). He found the last Persian cucumber was getting slimy on the outside so he peeled it with a carrot peeler and that completed the lunch, except that we each had a tangerines for dessert.

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