Refried boiled potatoes with melted cheese on a weird food day – 10 April 2019

Well, for dinner… see above (and that’s a tiny plate – about 5″). But that is a small part of the day. Leaving the lecture on campus later than I expected (7:12, by the clock) I was going to text D that I was on my way, but I ran across a couple of interesting students and we had a chat for at least another 15 minutes. So I finally said I was on my way home but not very hungry (see below) and D said he was making himself a little something. When I got home (there was even a traffic jam to get off campus) he was eating and there was some for me. I had boiled up – I think just yesterday? – the remaining 2/3 or so of the monster russet potato I had used part of for the potatoes and poblanos, and left it in the fridge, and he pulled that out, cut the potato chunks into smaller slices, and cooked them in canola oil, salting them even more (I think he didn’t taste first). He put a little bit of cheddar over them and let it melt. He had also poured me half of the bottle of beer he’d opened – a tester I’d bought at Costco when E chose it for them – an IPA called “Hopacolypse,” from Drake’s Brewing in San Leandro. I was not crazy about it, but it was fine.

So, I was not hungry because:

At 4:30 there was a reception for the speaker. I didn’t eat a lot, b/c I was already not hungry, but I did try the adorable biology-themed tidbits and had a glass of some white wine or other. We tried to decipher the caterer’s oddments.

The strawberry-based one with brie, a grape, orange zest (a bit dried out) and two chives we decided were snails. The molecular people took the one with pear wings over a bed of blended [sweet] gorgonzola, with grape head, to be a Drosophila, while the immunologist determined it to be a bunny. I think she was actually right (as much from the carefully clipped pear “ears” as from the unlikelihood that the caterer would have thought of fruit flies). Also tried, at my friend’s behest, a tiny bit of the Bellwether goat cheese, which was, indeed, very good. The edges were well ripened.


[End of the veggie portion, obviously…] I was already  not hungry at the reception because of lunch, and leftover cookies. I got my usual griddle-cooked hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes, pepper jack, and chipotle aioli (and ketchup) with curly fries. The fries had been sitting under a lamp, and were not very good, but I ate the anyway, which was dumb. Ketchup improved them. There was a plate of leftover cookies in the kitchen, and I had half a slightly-underdone chocolate chip one, and then took a sugar cookie too (but no pictures of that).


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