Truffled egg toasts and grilled asparagus – 12 April 2019

Our favorite restaurant in NYC – ‘ino – closed, but had a note on their website saying, in part, ‘Thank you for trying our truffled egg toasts.” We just loved that place once  student of mine directed us to it. We kept having food at other places that we liked less, and just decided to go back there instead of any place else. We also bought their cookbooks, and this recipe is in Simple Italian Sandwiches, though it is not remotely a sandwich. I just followed the recipe, per the following.

D bought a loaf of Pain de Mie at Acme on his way to someplace – oh right, to sell his bass amp, which he ended up trading instead for a smaller one – and I cut two 1″ thick slices from the tallest part, removed the crusts, and toasted in the toaster oven till lightly done. The Pain de Mie is “plain” like Wonder Bread, but much denser – fine-grained. It’s the perfect bread for this meal. After toasting, I cut through the crusted part on top to create a 2″ (supposedly – whatever I could get) square in the cnter, without cutting too deeply, and then pounded down the cutout part with the heel end of the knife. I laid thin slices of Fontina Valle d’Aosta over the unpounded parts. I separated four eggs, first dumping each white into a small Pyrex bowl and putting the yolk into the center, cut-out part of the bread. Once each egg was successfully separated, I put the yolk into a refrigerator container. Two yolks go into each toast. Then I put the breads on a pan back in the toaster oven (lowest rack setting) and set on “toast” again, and cooked till the cheese melted, and started to bubble just a bit. I removed, stirred the yolks a bit with a sharp knife, salted and peppered the toasts, and sprinkled truffle oil “generously” over the top – for my little bottle, this meand seven shakes for each toast, and that worked quite well. Serve!

Meanwhile, I cooked the asparagus spears (trimmed, washed and let to dry on a towel for at least 1/2 hour) in our panini press for 6 minutes (2 mins at a time, checking). This was too long, as they were no longer at all crunchy, but they were still good. D did the cutting up. That’s it – I scattered the asparagus around the toast and served. The original recipe suggests one asparagus per serving – I think this was as much about presentation as about eating – but when we were thinking “well, we could have the rest of the asparagus as a vegetable” we decided just to make it all up per the recipe. I thought it was quite a good amount, in fact – four fattish stalks per serving, this was. D also decided we needed olives, and created his own marinade for them. He put in some anchovy, red pepper flakes, a tiny bit of minced asparagus(!), lemon juice, and olive oil. They were really good!

D suggested we try the Herri Mina Irouleguy (2015) with this, and I said sure, wow, maybe it will work well – and it did! It was a fine combination. This is such a fascinating wine!

When buying the Pain de Mie at Acme, D also picked up a little pastry with raspberry and chocolate in it, and we had that for dessert. Lovely!



We had the last of the sorrel soup, with fresh sorrel julienne and finely chopped chives over the top. We finished off the sour cream yesterday so no more of that, but in truth, we rarely have sour cream with this soup. It’s a real winner of a recipe (from Georgeanne Brennan’s Potager).

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