Orange roughy poached in parchment; pilaf; long choi – 25 April 2019

We’ve had a bottle of Mea Culpa in the fridge for some time b/c D brought it up on spec, but I really wanted to come up with a good meal for it. I thought a simple white fish would be good, and that turned out to be a most excellent call.

I bought 0.43lb orange roughy – which we knew we liked from previous experience – at the Bowl. I wanted something like 0.5 lb, and the filet looked like plenty, but it really did shrink during cooking. It was enough, but up to 3/4 lb wouldn’t hurt, for the two of us. I put the filet onto the parchment (in our smallest Pyrex baking dish) sprinkled it with a scant “dash” (1/8 tsp) of salt, and several grinds of pepper, topped with very thin lemon slices (thinness not consistent – thick places were not optimal). At D’s suggestion, I scattered paprika over the top. Then finally, when ready to cook, I added a scant Tbsp of lemon juice, and a Tbsp of vermouth (dry). I curled down the parchment above the long axis of the fish, and then curled down the ends under the fish, and microwaved on high for 8 minutes, and left to steam itself for another 3. It turned out great! This cooking time would probably work fine for a larger portion of fish, as a guess.

D made a pilaf. He cooked some onion in olive oil, then added Thai jasmine rice and cooked a bit, then added water, plus some veggie bouillon from a tube he bought awhile back. As an afterthought, he sliced up some mushrooms that were in the fridge and cooked them separately, then added late to the rice. It was an excellent dish!

D chopped up the last of the Long Choi I got at the Bowl and separated stems from leaves. He was busy with the pilaf, so I cooked the stems for many minutes in olive oil, with a dash of salt and some pepper, and then added the leaves, cooked till they were wilted, covered and left on its lowest setting for awhile, then finally covered and let cook in the residual heat in the cast iron pan (the middle one – 8″).

The wine was great with the fish! Of rather, the fish was great with the wine, since “something to go well with the wine” was our objective. Mea Culpa is a wine we got a long time ago at The Wine Mine. It’s Slovenian – crisp, delicious white. The labe lsays KOGL 1542, and who a I to argue with that? 🙂 There is no indication as to what grapes were used in making the wine – it says just “dry white wine.” But good 🙂


We had the other half or so of last night’s “Amazing Sorrel Soup,” (Patricia Wells) cold, and I think I actually liked it better that way. This soup (as most, I suppose) depends critically on the flavor of the stock used. D took out the last of the fava beans he had blanched, popped them out of their skins, and served them with the rest of the feta in the fridge, some salt, pepper, and olive oil. I defrosted one slice of Acme Pain au Levain, and D got out some Carr’s Water Crackers (I thought the pepper ones went better with the cheese than the sesame ones), and the last of the first half of the Costco Cambozola cheese. Great lunch!


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