Spaghetti alla puttanesca – 30 April 2019

D had in mind to make a Pasta all’Amatriciana, which he read about in the special (come-on?) edition of the new Milk Street magazine from Christopher Kimball. But we don’t have the meat for it, and we did have an open half-plus-can of diced tomatoes, so he decided to make puttanesca instead. We pretty much always have the ingredients for that. Here is the recipe for two, pretty much from 100 Best Pasta Sauces by Diane Seed.

I defrosted a rustic baguette piece that has been in the freezer since I managed not to make it into a sandwich when D was away a few months ago, and an end of a Levain, b/c why not. D brought up a Ciro (Wine Mine, $12) which was a fine choice with this meal.






We had an avocado ready to eat (could have been better a day or two ago, in fact) so I suggested maybe nachos? D pointed out we had a really nice cheddar from Cheese Board – Prairie Breeze (Iowa) – so we used that, but IMO it was not optimal for nachos. Had the avo, chopped Mezzetta hot sliced (jarred) jalapenos, and some La Victoria green sauce. Pretty good, not great, altogether. But D also cut up some strawberries from lunch (Albion, from Kuni Bea Farms) and that certainly rounded off lunch nicely – also a great color addition to the picture đŸ™‚

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