Dinner at Zuni – 1 May 2019

D suggested dinner at Zuni, to follow a late-afternoon visit to the de Young to see the Gaugin exhibit (and incidentally the Ordinary Objects… exhibit while there). We took BART and bus to the museum, and new (to us) bus back along Haight Street to the restaurant, and after a four-block walk, BART back home. At Zuni, we ended up having dinner alongside two civil rights lawyers and had a really interesting conversation with them – very fortunate seating.

D wanted to order the pork chop.

I was not sure about the halibut with clams (b/c I expected shells, which I resent) and was eyeing the gnocchi instead, but it was not clear it was a whole dinner. (The photo is my half – the staff split the serving for us!)

D suggested we get those two and one other thing – which turned out to be a swordfish confit – and split them all, and that’s what we did. The pork chop was merely very good – the sauce excellent – but the two introductory dishes were just about perfect.

D asked about a few of the white wines (after choosing pork and ricotta gnocchi with lemon zest we intentionally chose a white-friendly first course); the waiter described those choices, and they agreed on this one.







We also had their gratis plate of Acme Pain au Levain – the restaurant version – served with unsalted butter at perfect spreading temperature, and accepted a second when offered (we would have asked for it, but they beat us to it). You pay for service here, I think – it’s excellent.

Amazingly, we had room for dessert. This is unusual at restaurants.

D wanted to try the rhubarb upsidedown cake, so I looked for something else, and came up with the pavlova (I had to look it up) with blueberry compote. That was lovely, but the rhubarb cake was outstanding. Unfortunately, the photo I grabbed was fuzzy so I’m reproducing it very small.



Well, just coffee. We didn’t make it down to Caffe Trieste – now Chiave – to buy coffee beans on Tuesday, so just went there for coffee (and beans) in the morning after breakfast. I thought D’s hat made the capuccini most picturesque.

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